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Marijuana Business

California marijuana grower pay

We all know the marijuana industry is the fastest growing industry in America. The industry is worth in the billions and it will only get better. With such a big market, and a bigger demand for legal marijuana, it’s safe to say you can make a good career in the cannabis business by making money […]

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D.C. Selects Medical Marijuana Cultivation Centers

License to Grow Weed in California

There is no license required in California neither is it a requirement that you register with your county under SB420 to grow weed in California. What you really need is a recommendation from a doctor based on your medical history. Many folks have questions about are they going to give permits for medical marijuana in […]

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How to open delivery service for weed

Step-by-Step to Guide Legally Grow Cannabis in San Diego

The rules may not be clear and that is why potential entrepreneurs seek step-by-step to guide legally grow cannabis inSan Diego. 420 College offers good advice on the issue. But the deal is very simple. Only that if you want to distribute legally, you must obtain it legally, this means you need a doctor prescription […]

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