If you have a business idea/plan
already to go, a consultation with
420 College would be the best
route for you!

What we do:

Our marijuana business consultant will cover all the legal requirements and paper work need to start a marijuana business in California. What you will need to start? What to be prepared for? What challenges you will face? Etc..

Our one on one consultation’s provide a better understanding and clarification to our clients about their business. With 17 different types of licenses to apply for and each varying, it can get hectic. If you do not have a specific license you might want to apply for but are assured you want to get into the industry schedule a consultation and we will do the rest for you.

During our consultation we will answer every question you might have and will help you plan out your future business goals.

*You don’t pay by the hour, you pay for the service- our consultations don’t end until we have answered all of your questions. *

To best help our customers, 420 College offers different types consultations:

Virtual Consultation(s)

Our virtual consultations consist of Phone or Skype consultations that do not require you to meet in person with our consultants and save you both time and money.

In-person Consultations

Our In-person consultations allow you to meet with our main consultant in our corporate office and receive the best service in the industry.

Travel consultations

420 College and its team also travels to best serve and help our customers. If you cannot meet with us in person we will meet you!