cannabis job training

If you have a business idea or a plan
ready to go, a consultation with
420 College will get you on the road to success!  We consult and train in THC, CBD & Hemp cannabis business startup and operations.

What we do:

Our cannabis business experts will cover all of the applicable State and local regulations and other requirements to start any type of cannabis business in California. We will cover such topics as:

  • What you will need to start.
  • How you can legally operate.
  • What is required by local cities and by the State.
  • What you need to know about the permitting and licensing processes.
  • The potential challenges.
  • Timing and the demand on capital and people. 

Our one on one consultations provide a better understanding and clarification to your business needs.

With 17 different types of specific cannabis licenses, it can be difficult to determine the right direction to take in the industry. If you do not have a specific license in mind, but know that you want to get into the cannabis industry, schedule a consultation with our 420 College team and we will do the rest for you.

During our consultation we will answer every question you might have and will help you plan out your future business goals.

*You don’t pay by the hour, you pay for the service — our consultations don’t end until we have answered all of your questions.*

To best help our students, we offer different types consultations:

Virtual Consultation

Our virtual consultations consist of Phone or Skype, whichever is available. This option will help save you time and money.


In-person Consultations

Our In-person consultations allow you to meet with our consulting team in our corporate office in Fresno and receive the best service in the industry.


Travel consultations

420 College and its team also travels to best serve and help our customers. If you cannot meet with us in person we will come to you!


After your consultation or training session, we offer FREE continuing education.