Start any type of cannabis business you want. Learn from the industry experts on what you need to do get licensed and operate whatever type of cannabis business you want.

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Our online courses on cannabis business will provide you with a full spectrum of specific business types and licenses you could start up, apply for and operate to make the most money you can.

Our online courses cover:

  • Details on business start up
  • How to get the hard to get cannabis business permits
  • The local and state license applications process
  • City/County local ordinances
  • State licensing process
  • Regulations and business compliance
  • Employee procedures
  • Inventory procurement & control
  • Creating business relationships with vendors
  • & much much more!

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cannabis courses

Cannabis Branding & Marketing

Do you have a brand in mind but don't know where to start? This course covers, branding and marketing for cannabis businesses. You will get a comprehensive course on how the major brands get started and how to create your own brand.

We cover:

  • How to narrow you down your ideas
  • How to choose what products to create
  • Picking colors & brand identity
  • Defining your audience
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media promotion
  • Website creation & more
  • How to make money!


cannabis courses

How To Start Any Cannabis Business

Learn how to start up any type of cannabis business.  We cover licensing, compliance, finding locations, operations and more.  You get a full spectrum of specific business types and licenses you could apply for and start your cannabis business.

Our online courses cover:

  • Cultivation
  • Dispensary
  • Delivery
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Extraction
  • Processing Safety
  • Security


cannabis courses

Start CBD Business Course

Get courses you need to start and operate a thriving online and retail CBD business. The training you get and are the fastest way to get the information you need to start your CBD cannabis business and be successful.

Our courses cover:

  • Legalities & license requirements
  • Choosing what CBD products to promote
  • Where to find quality CBD
  • Marketing for CBD products online
  • Different ways of marketing & advertising
  • Drop shipping & carrying inventory
  • Software and apps we can use
  • How to make money!