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cannabis business seminars
cannabis business start-up seminars
420 College in Oregon Cannabis Institute
420 College in Sacramento - George Boyadjian
in California, assisting with Proposition 215, SB 420 and cannabis collective operations.

We covered Proposition 215, SB 420, and cannabis collective operations in Fresno, Los Angeles, Pasadena, San Diego, Sacramento and Redding.

2013, started Washington Cannabis Institute

Assisting cannabis businesses through out state of Washington in compliance with I502 regulations.

2014, started Oregon Cannabis Institute

After Measure 91 was passed, in March 2014 we stated doing seminars in Portland, Or.  Covering legal cannabis business operations and how to get in business in Oregon.

2014, started Southern Cannabis Institute

We successfully completed our first seminar in Fort Lauderdale in August, 2014.  Educating Floridians on to start and operate a legal cannabis business in Florida

  • Cannabis Business Education
  • Doc Prep & Permits
  • Cannabis Licenses
Cannabis Entrepreneurship

It started out as a small educational seminar and grew into California’s premier cannabis business education provider.

San Diego
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