What To Do If Your Cultivation Business Is Failing?
Most experienced cultivators will tell you that growing cannabis is a 24-hour a day, dull and hard work business. Many people looking to make their fortunes in the Green Rush flock to the idea of growing cannabis because they think it is easy. After all, get a warehouse and fill it with a bunch of plants and lights and …. VOILA! ….tonnes of primo bud and massive riches! That just isn’t true, as a lot
There are only a few stock pushers left that are cold-calling with tales of riches to be found in the hot cannabis stocks traded on Canadian stock exchanges. Some of you might have been approached with great ways to fund your businesses, even before they launched, through an IPO in Canada. Perhaps you actually sold some stock and are now facing angry shareholders who are demanding to know why your earnings weren’t as robust as
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Here it is the beginning of the new year and it is time to do taxes and try to figure out how you are going to expand your business, or at least keep your business alive, for the next twelve months. A good place to start is to sit down at a desk or table, turn off the television, pour yourself some of your favorite beverage, and light up a bowl of  your favorite weed.
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Cannabis legalization has been, for many people, a sucker’s trap. It has presented lots of opportunities to make a lot of money through growing, manufacturing, testing, distributing, delivering, and retailing cannabis products. Unfortunately, in most states, the Black Market cannabis industry was so well-established prior to legalization that the legal newcomers had an uphill battle to attract customers that had been buying from their favorite dealers for decades. While the risk of buying illegal weed
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The biggest problem dispensary owners are having is price competition from the Black Market cannabis providers. An illegal dispensary can sell for low prices because they don’t have the expenses that legal shops incur even though the illegal businesses run the risk of shut-down. One new idea that might have some promise is California’s move to enable cannabis customers to find legal weed shops by using their smartphones. It doesn’t solve the problem of lower
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The Los Angeles Times recently highlighted the disappointing experience of Costa Mesa, a town that had expected to benefit greatly from the legalization of marijuana in California. In the first year, 2018-2019, the city budgeted for a  $1.56 million tax windfall but instead collected $163,803. During the 2020 tax year, Costa Mesa’s budget projects cannabis tax revenues of $1.143 million but after the first six months of the year, tax revenues amounted to only $217,511.
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January 23, 2020

Green-Rush 2.0

There is a buzz on the street about yet another huge name in the Cannabis business that has run into trouble. Rumor Has It that MedMen is running around trying to reorganize the financial roots of their company. This is the same thing that happened to the dot-com’s. There was a big rush to the gold fields of the internet during the 1990’s, and we all know what happened — the Dot-Bomb. New internet companies
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There is a theory that the War on Drugs has morphed into a new strategy: Legalization or Regulations. The main idea in this theory is that the strategy was to legalize cannabis, create all kinds of social equity programs that go nowhere, and then apply such difficult application processes, extremely high fees, legal and operational costs that only big money can possibly afford to open licensed cultivation, manufacture, distribution, or dispensary operations. Part of the
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