Los Angeles, Ca (April 29, 2020) — George Boyadjian, founder of 420 College, a leader in cannabis business training for 11 years, has filed a $20,000,000 damage claim against the City of Los Angeles claiming that a member of Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) had a conflict of interest when awarding a contract to another organization with less experience in the industry and Boyadjian was a victim of racial discrimination.  After submitting all of the
Retailers – Delivery Employees   (a) All deliveries of cannabis goods shall be performed by a delivery employee who is directly employed by a licensed retailer. (b) Each delivery employee of a licensed retailer shall be at least 21 years of age. (c) All deliveries of cannabis goods shall be made in person. A delivery of cannabis goods shall not be made through the use of an unmanned vehicle. (d) The process of delivery begins
§ 5311. Requirements for the Transportation of Cannabis Goods The following requirements apply when transporting cannabis goods between licensees or licensed premises: (a) Transportation shall only be conducted by persons holding a distributor license under the Act, or employees of those persons. All vehicles and trailers used for transportation shall be owned or leased, in accordance with the Vehicle Code, by the licensee. (b) Prior to transporting any cannabis goods, the licensed distributor shall have
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Posting and Advertising – License Posting Requirement § 5039. License Posting Requirement. (a) Upon issuance of any license, the licensee shall prominently display the license on the licensed premises where it can be viewed by state and local agencies. If the licensed premises is open to the public, the license shall be displayed in an area that is within plain sight of the public. (b) Upon issuance of any license, a retailer, whose licensed premises
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Retailers may provide free cannabis or cannabis products to qualified medicinal patients or their primary caregivers. This change is due to the adoption of Senate Bill 34, which also exempts these donated items from excise, sales and use, and cultivation taxes. Licensed cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, retailers or microbusinesses may designate cannabis or cannabis products that they hold in their inventory for donation.  Items designated for donation may only be provided to a medicinal patient or
What To Do If Your Cultivation Business Is Failing?
Most experienced cultivators will tell you that growing cannabis is a 24-hour a day, dull and hard work business. Many people looking to make their fortunes in the Green Rush flock to the idea of growing cannabis because they think it is easy. After all, get a warehouse and fill it with a bunch of plants and lights and …. VOILA! ….tonnes of primo bud and massive riches! That just isn’t true, as a lot
There are only a few stock pushers left that are cold-calling with tales of riches to be found in the hot cannabis stocks traded on Canadian stock exchanges. Some of you might have been approached with great ways to fund your businesses, even before they launched, through an IPO in Canada. Perhaps you actually sold some stock and are now facing angry shareholders who are demanding to know why your earnings weren’t as robust as
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Here it is the beginning of the new year and it is time to do taxes and try to figure out how you are going to expand your business, or at least keep your business alive, for the next twelve months. A good place to start is to sit down at a desk or table, turn off the television, pour yourself some of your favorite beverage, and light up a bowl of  your favorite weed.
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