At 420 College we strive to keep our students updated on the latest happenings in the cannabis industry.  Currently there are several major companies successfully selling variations of marijuana infused personal lubricants that are safe if ingested during sexual acts and since cannabis can take effect topically it is claimed to stimulate the female clitoris with the active THC ingredient reportedly inducing female orgasms lasting up to fifteen minutes at a time.

You can check your local cannabis shops menus to see if one is carrying edible marijuana personal lube near you.   You could even brand your own by adding something to the recipe to make it uniquely yours then get your own commercial kitchen. When creating any edible product always adhere to your specific state and counties laws and regulations to legally obtain cannabis flowers or trim for your recipe.

You could try making your very own all natural cannabis personal lubricant alternative at home with this simple recipe!

Cannabis Sexual Lubricant

The rumors are true.  Marijuana infused sexual lubricant is real.  It’s not a gimmick you’ll find adorning the countertop of a bodega, nestled between “horny goat weed” and “weekend prince.”  It’s legit, it works wonderfully, and making it yourself is a fairly easy, rewarding project.  Like a tincture, weed lube is highly concentrated oil that is applies to a very sensitive part of the body for absorption through the pores, leaving you feeling relaxed and tingly all over.

Marijuana has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac.  Applying it to your nether regions about 15-30 minutes before sexual intercourse can lead to a more blissful, intimate sexual experience with elongated orgasms and an overall heightened feeling of euphoria. But weed or no weed, why get the store bough stuff that can have creepy additives like propylene glycol and synthetic fragrances when you can easily make a totally natural and safe version of your own?  Here’s a step-by-step guide.  You can thank us later.



Cannabis Sexual Lubricant

What you will need:

16 oz extra virgin (lol) organic coconut oil
At least 1/4 oz marijuana (shake works really well)
Essential oil of your choice (optional)

Coconut oil has a lovely sweet scent that is subtle and light.  If you feel like getting crazy and adding your own herbal scent try something like lavender, clove, lemongrass, or cinnamon oil which can add a warming sensation to your experience.  For extra sensitive skin, a few drops of vitamin E make for an even softer experience.



Cannabis Sexual Lubricant

There are a few ways to go about infusing your coconut oil.  Whatever you do, use indirect heat – the best way to do this is to heat the bot containing oil inside another pot of heated water (this is called a double boiler).  You’ll also want to make sure you let it cook for at least nine hours.  Yes, that’s a long time, but when you’re finished you’ll have enough lube to keep a porn star stocked for months.

Place plant matter, oil, and several cups of water in a pot.  Heat mixture no higher than a simmer.  Low heat is so important because high temperatures can burn off the THC which has it’s own boiling point and would ruin the whole point of the process so it’s a careful balance of heat while double boiling. Heat for three sets of these hours each, continuing to add water every so often and stirring occasionally.

Allow the mixture to rest for about an hour between each three hour set.  After all three sets are complete, strain the plant matter out with cheesecloth. Be sure to carefully squeeze the cheesecloth out into the pot before discarding the plant matter to get all the highly concentrated oil.



Cannabis Sexual Lubricant

Add in essential oil of your choice and let cool and separate in the fridge.  The oil will harden shortly, making it easy to discard the separated water.  What you’re left with is perfect, pure marijuana infused sexual lubricant.  Keep it in a tightly sealed container.  Apply a few drops about 15-30 minutes before you get busy and enjoy!

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