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Monterey County marijuana cultivation ordinance

New Student Welcome Video

Hi. Welcome to 420 College. We invite you to come to our next seminar near you. Please check out this introduction video.

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Marijuana business conference

420 College

  420 College is the leading resource that provides individuals with a working knowledge of the cannabis industry and results in successful marijuana businesses. California, like many other states in the U.S., has deemed medical marijuana a legal substance used to treat a litany of medical conditions. Success in the cannabis industry is entirely possible […]

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cannabis cures cancer

United States Government Admits Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

  The US government has confirmed that cannabis can kill cancer cells after the drug did so in tests on mice and rats, according to the National Cancer Institute. The development will provide further ammunition for pro-legalisation campaigners. On its website The National Cancer Institute, part of the US department of health, said: “Laboratory and […]

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