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BURBANK - The first rule of operating a medical marijuana dispensary: Don't call it a dispensary. Call it a "collective" or "cooperative" instead, and that should get you on your way to legally running a pot clinic, according to a two-day seminar on starting up a medical marijuana business that began in Burbank on Saturday. The seminar, put on by 420 College, a Fresno-based marijuana industry training group, aims to provide the latest information on fast-changing pot laws and regulations for medical marijuana businesses.
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MEDICAL MARIJUANA PATIENT RIGHTS: Objective: to educate students on history, facts, and statistics about the illegal use of marijuana and provide the context in which, by state, patients can legally cultivate, process and use marijuana for medically recommended needs.
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420 College™ cannabis business workshops put you in front of TOP CANNABIS ATTORNEYS AND INDUSTRY LEADERS who specialize in cannabis business start up, regulations and operations in California. Our attorneys and industry leading professionals are going to be teaching YOU information they would gladly charge you up to $300 an hour privately.  Not to mention, all the extras that you’ll get such as cannabis testing labs presentation, insurance agents, merchant account providers, get professional grower’s information, some cooking instructions, 
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