Medical Marijuana Patient “Cards”

Each State’s Medical Marijuana  Program Requires

Your MD will actually provide your a LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION, IN MOST CASES.  The ID Card available at the clinic is of little value to peace officers or enforcement – THEY would prefer to have you get a COUNTY HEALTH CARD – which your local county health department will provide to you – for an additional fee.  The “Official” card from your Health Dept is seen, by law enforcement, as a less likely item to be “fake” than letters, even originals! Because the county health department will ask for ID and your letter, verify you and your patient status – law enforcement tends to immediately recognize the “county card” as a valid form of patient identification.

California and other states require the medical marijuana patient candidate to:

  • Seek the Advice of an Licensed Medical Doctor to Request a WRITTEN and VERIFIABLE Medical Marijuana “recommendation letter” suggesting that the patient may receive relief from it’s use

Some Clinics offer identification ID cards – however – clubs and collectives REQUIRE the original letter – so these cards are more for show and quick ID AFTER you have verified at a club or your collective.

  • Each state has a specific set of “guidelines” that describe the contents of that recommendation letter, along with how the doctor can identify the use and method of ingestion, suggestions, for the patient.
  • Medical Marijuana CARDs or IDs may also be required from local city or county health departments | these cards are IN ADDITION TO any form of ID or card given to you by a clinic or your collective
  • And your state’s photo ID or a driver’s license is normally required, as well
  • MEDICAL RECOMMENDATIONS DO NOT STATE HOW MUCH Plant material can or should be cultivated. Total allowable cultivation, for personal use, is regulated by local laws and ordinances – anything over a garden for PERSONAL NEED is a matter between YOU and your Collective or CLUB | Not a physician
    • Take care where clinics advertise “Cultivation or Cultivator’s Licenses” – they just don’t exist!If they “did exist” – a city, county or state government would – by common sense – be the entity to issue and govern such a “license” so that they could also enforce the law, ordinance or guideline – not a clinic – it’s just common sense … DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY or risk your rights … double check with local agencies to find out your cultivation limits, rights and responsibilities …or ….

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How to Become A Medical Marijuana Patient **

  • Medical Marijuana “doctor’s recommendation”;
  • Medical Marijuana CARD or ID required
  • Use and General Medical Benefits of Marijuana
    for internal and external use
  • Medical Marijuana Law & Patient Rights for Consumption, Cultivation, Processing and Distribution through your club
  • Uses and History of Marijuana
Objective: to educate students on history, facts, and statistics about the illegal use of marijuana and provide the context in which, by state, patients can legally cultivate, process and use marijuana for medically recommended needs. Students will learn about medical studies, benefits; medical marijuana and the workplace; patient rights and responsibilities; how medical marijuana is used by the patient; various forms of ingestion, inhalation and topical applications; to help patients find relief from a wide variety of chronic symptoms.
Subject Objectives:
Provide the student with an expanded understanding of what the primary active components of cannabis are and how medical cannabis can relieve patient symptoms.
Class program will help patients, care-givers and doctors understand and embrace medical marijuana program guidelines for cultivation for personal or collective use; who is a “caregiver”, what and how you obtain a medical marijuana recommendation, Authorization to GROW/Cultivate and TRANSPORT to your club or patient.
  • Review current “popular” and scientific studies and medical conclusions
  • Go over symptoms, which can be controlled and relieved by cannabis
  • Review methods of ingestion and tools and processing for each
  • Review potency, pesticides, and genetics – variables that affect use and results


Medical Marijuana Law

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Check your state for up-to-date information on:

  • marijuana laws and penalties
  • news
  • chapters
  • attorneys
  • arrest reports
  • tax stamps
  • drugged driving – DUID



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