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If you are contemplating opening a business in the lucrative cannabis industry, you may be thinking what types of cannabis business permits are there?  Currently, there are 17 different types of cannabis business permits that you can apply for.  These include permits for cultivation facilities, distribution facilities, testing labs, dispensaries, etc. Any municipality that has considered the medical cannabis program will decide how many licenses they will grant.  They can also set their own rules 
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A number of states including California have enacted cannabis business regulations and are issuing cannabis business permits.  Today, the total number of states in which cannabis is legal is 33.  These states either permit medical or recreational use of cannabis.  The initiative is really good considering that a large number of patients are dependent on cannabis for the treatment of their medical conditions. But this also means that ample business and cannabis career opportunities have 
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Cannabis event The cannabis business is a highly profitable business and it is estimated that it will be worth more than 20 billion dollars in the coming years.  Because the cannabis industry is quite lucrative, there is an increase in the number of individuals and companies looking to set up their own cannabis businesses, and are attending various cannabis events in their areas. But before you take any step further, it is important to know 
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