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There is a buzz on the street about yet another huge name in the Cannabis business that has run into trouble. Rumor Has It that MedMen is running around trying to reorganize the financial roots of their company. This is the same thing that happened to the dot-com’s. There was a big rush to the gold fields of the internet during the 1990’s, and we all know what happened — the Dot-Bomb. New internet companies 
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The Vital Job of Cannabis Business Compliance Manager One of your jobs as a business owner involves keeping your expenses lower than your revenues so that you can actually have a profit. This means cutting out expenses that are not necessary. However, in the Cannabis business, there are some expenses that take top priority. The director of compliance is perhaps the most important job in your entire company. Whether you are a cultivator, testing lab, 
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A number of states including California have enacted cannabis business regulations and are issuing cannabis business permits.  Today, the total number of states in which cannabis is legal is 33.  These states either permit medical or recreational use of cannabis.  The initiative is really good considering that a large number of patients are dependent on cannabis for the treatment of their medical conditions. But this also means that ample business and cannabis career opportunities have 
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