If you are contemplating opening a business in the lucrative cannabis industry, you may be thinking what types of cannabis business permits are there?  Currently, there are 17 different types of cannabis business permits that you can apply for.  These include permits for cultivation facilities, distribution facilities, testing labs, dispensaries, etc.

Any municipality that has considered the medical cannabis program will decide how many licenses they will grant.  They can also set their own rules on where you can set up the business and where you cannot.  This is the reason, the number of cannabis business licenses that are available for these businesses vary from city to city.

The rules are generally the same, but there can be few additions depending on what each state deems reasonable or necessary.   within the different categories of businesses, there could also be classifications that you will need to be aware of.  For example, for the growing business, there are three classifications depending on the size of the establishment.  The same with Distribution and Manufacturing cannabis business permits.

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