how to grow weed

how to grow weed

Weed is an illegal plant that is common in many areas of the world. Many people have asked themselves how to grow weed. From schools like 420 college, you will get a lot of information on the process of growing you weed from the seed to a mature plant. Cannabis can be grown on both indoor and outdoor methods. In the first place to improve on how to grow cannabis you should have the proper viable seedlings. A pot and marijuana growing soil should also be available. Marijuana can be grown for health or commercial purposes.

It is advised that before the day of planting, you soak the seeds in a jar of water for overnight. The water soaks the seeds and makes them swell. Germination is boosted through seed soaking. Some special planting soil will make the plant grow faster. You can purchase the soil from different plant shops around town.

A bulb of between 400 to 700 watts is good to provide the necessary growth conditions and recommended temperatures more especially if you are growing the plant inside the room. The inside of the pot as advocated by many professionals from 420 college should be painted in a white color. You can also consider doing this by the use of aluminum foil which will work equally well. The lights should be inside the closets. Seeds should be planted from 10 to 15 in the same jar. The lights should be left on all the time. The seeds should be watered on a daily basis to allow a very straight growth. A mineral product is also advised to be present in the water used for irrigating the plant. You can use it twice in a week. This is attained through a mixing it with water when watering. At the start it is advisable that you use minerals with high nitrogen but as the plants grow tall you are supposed to avoid applying high nitrogen minerals. As soon as the plants attain the height of around 55cm, you are supposed to expose them to 12hrs of light and 12 hours of darkness this can be done by the use of the timer. 420 college and other related institutions will give you knowledge on how to grow weed.

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