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Might seem like the wrong way to begin our relationship – but – let me start by saying that defining your new collective as a “dispensary” is not accurate and may even become a problem for you, long term.

Let me explain … there is no such thing as a LEGAL medical marijuana “dispensary” – never has been – never will be*.

The only people that are allowed to DISPENSE medicine are medical pharmacists, and at times, under specific circumstances, so can medical doctors*.

Since, neither medical doctors nor pharmacists can dispense marijuana, under current state and federal laws, medical marijuana (cannabis) “dispensaries” cannot, by law, exist. Neither medical doctors or pharmacists can own or have anything to do with the operation of a collective, either – so – again – there is no possible “dispensary” in this plan.

Why does everyone call a store-front medical marijuana shop a dispensary, then?

It probably gets down to habit … hearing a word, even used incorrectly, makes it stick. However – you will also find that though the California State Attorney General Brown’s (2008) Guidelines clearly state that the term is inappropriate AND that the leaked versions of the soon to be published, revised AG Guideline, prepared by Kamala Harris’ team, more than clearly state the use of the term inaccurate – it’s used in the media, in city and county ordinances, rules and guidelines found all over the internet!

The term “dispensary” to define a medical marijuana collective has been misused as far back as the first licensed issued to Lynnette Shaw, operating founder of Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana, located in Fairfax, California. The county health department issued Marin Alliance a Without guidance or enforcement for several years, the word became the norm in describing the new store-front collectives beginning to emerge into Main Street California.

At 420 College – it all begins with helping YOU to understand what is proper, lawful and appropriate!

Our hands on medical marijuana business start-up seminars or one-on-one consultations are perfect to get started!

You get an intense day of advanced information about how to start and operate a medical marijuana patient collective (club or co-operative). This collective can cultivate and handle transactions between patient-members, while providing a community location for club activities, education and out-reach.

Turn-Key Program | Everything to Get Started is Included

You learn about how to set-up a small association and what is required, by state and federal laws to operate. State non-profit business licensing, seller permits, FEIN and BOE filings are all covered! We ALSO include discussion and forms you should use to start and grow your membership, secure your medications and your cultivation garden – along with forms for Authorization to Cultivate and Transport for collective members.!

We also back you up with lots of materials you can use to review what you are taught in class, some handouts and forms to take home and access to online videos you can watch any-time!


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420 College helps people start up medical marijuana collectives everyday! Got A QUESTION?


Starting A Marijuana Dispensary, Sacramento.


* Notes: US Federal Law

21 U.S.C.S. § 841 (in pertinent part):

(a) Unlawful acts. Except as authorized by this title, it shall be unlawful for any person knowingly or intentionally –

(1) to manufacture, distribute, or dispense, or possess with intent to manufacture, distribute, or
dispense, a controlled substance; or
(2) to create, distribute, or dispense, or possess with intent to distribute or dispense, a counterfeit



Founder & CEO of 420 College.

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