Marijuana Dispensary lawsIn the mid-1990s saw states start to adopt legislation that made medicinal marijuana legal and dispensable by authorized residents but previously before that during which many activists were convinced of its purported medicinal value, in 1995 The Medicinal Marijuana Project was founded and its aim was to increase public support for making medicinal marijuana legal. The bill was passed in congress and a number of tests both public and private were done all fully funded to investigate the medicinal potential of marijuana and it’s in 1999 that studies found that “The cannabis the active component in marijuana happens to be a useful pain killer and was able to bring relief to health conditions such as weigh loss associated with AIDS, chronic pain in cancer patients, Nausea, Insomnia and Lack of appetite.

According to 420 College later on the Congress senate bill 420 passed the marijuana dispensary laws and authorized card-holding users to access marijuana and use marijuana for medicinal purposes.
With time states began to adopt to make it easier for medical marijuana to be dispensed to the public at large this lead to the California state assembly’s public and safety committee to pass a bill that would make way for the creation of a medical marijuana enforcement division that would authorize and license cannabis dispensaries and also provide some much more-needed industry research.

In California things are getting serious as lobbyist and the California supreme court is debating is debating on the legality of the marijuana dispensary laws once again and see if rulings will end up affecting and limiting the growing numbers of marijuana dispensaries in California.

Recently the Assembly committee passed a bill to create an oversight for pot businesses, as its chairman implored the legislature to act to save of federal raids on medical marijuana providers.

According to 420 College and the Marijuana dispensary laws the Ammiano Bill 2312 is bound to charge fees to dispensaries and other medical cannabis businesses to create a policing agency- The Bureau of Medical Marijuana Enforcement –in the state Department of Consumer Affairs. The board’s work will be to provide licenses for businesses dispensing, growing and transporting marijuana to be used by people who are recommended to do so by physicians.

It sometimes can be a daunting ordeal to go through all these legal procedures so that you could be authorized to dispense your own medicinal marijuana and to transport it.

Find out how 420 College can help you set up your own collective and farm.


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You can always call or email 420 College staff, faculty or instructors if you want further assistance, we’ll do our best to answer your questions all for FREE!


Business filing and document preparation for medical marijuana and cannabis business
Incorporation of Non-Profit Mutual
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  • Incorporation – Basic incorporation filings
  • Agent of Service
  • Real-Estate Location Assistance
  • Signage, Permits, Licenses, Other
  • Marketing and Promotions

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420 College classes from 420 instructors how to grow, cultivate and operate a medical marijuana business in california
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Medical Marijuana Program – California
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Marijuana – Cannabis Start-Up
Basic Details Focused Upon the California Medical Marijuana Program MMPA and up-to-date Attorney General’s Guidelines for best business practices.

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420 College

Delivery Service
Business Start-up

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Sessions are designed to help you start a medical marijuana delivery service, collective cultivation garden and grow your service business – We can scheduled these consultations for you – at anytime.

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In the privacy of your own choosing …

legal hassles are gone with 420 collegeWe will openly discuss …

ALL the legal requirements and relevant paper work required to start and run a legal medical marijuana business in California.

We will cover how to operate your business legally and safely so that you NEVER run the risk of breaking the law and have the best chance at delivering quality medicinal materials, consistently, to your own co-op, collective, club or for your own delivery service patient members.

We’ll give you all the paper work needed to start RIGHT AWAY – as soon as you are ready* – in the 1-On-1 consulting session. You will have direct contact with 420 staff that will guide you through document completion and filing – so you get it right – the first time!



We can come to you no matter where you are in California.

Outside of Central California (Fresno, CA) please add a flat rate of $100, per day, to cover staff travel expenses.




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