How To Start A Marijuana Dispensary Business

Why is it that the marijuana industry is the only industry in the nation that, when it comes to marijuana education on how to start a marijuana dispensary business, people act like they don’t need schooling, they can get what they need for free online? You wouldn’t pull out your own tooth would you? Or, give yourself an operation? Or build your house yourself without a licensed contractor? No, no one would. I was searching some videos on YouTube, and as it turns out, there are instructional videos on all that stuff. So, why is it that we still do to a doctor or hire some one licensed for what we want done? Because, we want things to get done right. Or, if we want to get in on a profession, we go to school and get educated and get a degree. I guess people are smart when it comes to marijuana laws on how to start a marijuana dispensary business. So, why is it that people keep getting raided and shut down? Duh, because they don’t know the ins and outs of the industry. People, get educated. Stop being a tool for the gov. You can’t learn everything from YouTube or a free marijuana educational website. People spend thousands of dollars on growing marijuana and starting up a marijuana dispensary but, they don’t want to spend a dime on marijuana education. All that hard work always gets flushed down the toilet when the cops or the feds come in tear everything apart. But, we don’t learn. We would rather spend $10,000 on a marijuana grow operation then $2,500 on a marijuana corporation that will save our butts. And when the law comes and tears all our stuff down, we just thank god that we didn’t get arrested and go to jail? That happens all the time. Spend $250 on a seminar or $2,500 on the right type of marijuana industry specific corporate paperwork and thank god that you got all your paper work in order, because otherwise they were going to tear all your shit apart. How to start a marijuana dispensary business.



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In the privacy of your own choosing …

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ALL the legal requirements and relevant paper work required to start and run a legal medical marijuana business in California.

We will cover how to operate your business legally and safely so that you NEVER run the risk of breaking the law and have the best chance at delivering quality medicinal materials, consistently, to your own co-op, collective, club or for your own delivery service patient members.

We’ll give you all the paper work needed to start RIGHT AWAY – as soon as you are ready* – in the 1-On-1 counseling session. You will have direct contact with 420 staff that will guide you through document completion and filing – so you get it right – the first time!


We can come to you no matter where you are in California.

Outside of Central California (Fresno, CA) please add a flat rate of $100, per day, to cover staff travel expenses.




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