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How to Start a Cannabis Business & Cannabis Cultivation Workshop.

Two Day Advanced CannaBusiness Seminar

11/15 & 11/16 10am-4:20pm in San Diego, CA

This is a 2 day live seminar and we will cover the following:

Medical Marijuana Law Business Basics
How to start a marijuana delivery service.
How to legally grow marijuana for patients.
How to start a “dispensary”.

On DAY ONE – you will know more about

Marijuana delivery business licenses.
Marijuana delivery business permits and other marijuana business paper work needed.
Marijuana business tax information.
How to pay taxes.
Bookkeeping for a marijuana collective.
Volunteers and employees.
We’ll answer the question “How will I make money if it’s a non-profit?”
General Liability Insurance to cover your business and crop.
Marijuana merchant account services for your business.
Advertising strategies, where and how to get patients for your collective.
Where to get marijuana for your collective.
How to package the marijuana.
Resources Needed to Start?

You will also get (all forms are necessary to run your business):

California Collective registration form (you need this to get in business).
Marijuana Collective By-Laws.
Marijuana Collective “Membership Agreement”.
“Authorization to Transport” medical marijuana.
“Authorization to Cultivate” medical marijuana.
Comprehensive list of all online marijuana directories, hand picked by our chancellor.
List of referrals of Merchant Services, attorneys, banks and other businesses that will help you run your business.

DAY 2: Cultivation, Harvest, Processing Safety, Security, Use.

Objective: Learn the steps to take to insure you can produce medicinal quality cannabis from seeds, starter plants (clones) all the way through to harvest.

How to get started and produce your own medicine
Strain selection, space required
Growing indoors, outdoors.
Instructions for watering, lighting, ventilation, cycles.
Equipment that will be needed.
Detailed instructions on pest control, smell abatement, security, pH balance, and drying/curing.

Register today, $250 per person.

Exact private event location emailed after enrollment.

Enroll at https://420college.org/all-events/

Contact 855-420-8255 or 420staff@420college.biz


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