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Getting a Cannabis Business Permit is the First Step Towards Setting Up a Legal Hemp Business

Setting Up a Legal Hemp BusinessCannabidiol which in short is also known as CBD is a compound which occurs naturally in cannabis plants and hemp. Over the years, this compound has become extremely popular and is now also being used in dietary supplements. In fact, it is estimated that by the end of 2024, the CBD industry will reach a whopping $20 billion dollar in sales, thanks to the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol.

But, CBD is not that far away from mainstream acceptance. But many don’t know the difference between THC and CBD.  Although its medicinal benefits are well known, buying, selling and possessing THC cannabis and THC cannabis related products is a federal crime which is punishable under the law. But not CBD cannabis.  So isn’t there a way to set up a legal CBD hemp cannabis business? Of course there is.

While the federal law may see THC cannabis as an offensive substance, many states in the US has legalized its use for medicinal reasons. In some states, recreational use of cannabis and THC products is also legalized. If you live in one of these legalized states, you can set up a legal THC and CBD hemp business. However, you must obtain a cannabis business permit to be able to operate legally, like the CBD & Hemp Warehouse in Fresno and Northridge.

Obtaining a THC or CBD cannabis business permit can be a complicated process, but it will ensure that your business is protected against legal problems at all times.

Want  To Start A Legal Cannabis Business?

* Cultivating | Processing | Packaging | Transporting | Dispensary*

If you would like to start a cannabis cultivation, Distributions, Manufacturing, Extraction, Dispensary, Delivery Service, our courses are for you.

Learn from expert lawyers and cannabis industry professionals that help people start cannabis businesses everyday in California.

You will learn about your local laws, rules, restrictions and best possible business entities that are legally viable in your area.   Our faculty attorney is on hand to discuss any  legal question you may have regarding the formation of your new medical marijuana club, co-op farm, collective or dispensary!

Once business is aside – You will learn about the cultivation of medical quality cannabis,processing, and distribution from experienced farmers.  They will teach you about handling, storage, weights & measures, and you’ll learn about medical marijuana business in California!  DETAILS HERE

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