Cannabis University

In California there 2 cities with a cannabis university within its borders. One cannabis university is in Oakland California called, Oaksterdam University and the other cannabis university is located in Los Angeles California called, MCC Directory. Both are accredited cannabis universities and they have been around for at least 5 years.

The rest are online cannabis universities. You never know which cannabis university is accredited online. And you never know if the information that is being supplied is any good. You could do some background checks on cannabis university‘s directors. Greenway University directors, as it turns out have legal troubles. Greenway University cannabis university director Gus, has a warrant for his arrest for a domestic charge. Cannabis university chancellor Marc Kent has done time for a past mail fraud conviction, read the story here

So, you never know who you can trust. Except one, his name is Bill McPike. Bill has won numerous court decisions defending patient’s rights. Defending marijuana store owners in cases and getting the decision. Bill makes appearances at 420 College cannabis university. That’s one thing that I need to know about the folks behind the 420 cannabis university for me to put my hard earned money and get something valuable in return. Visit the home page for seminars where you will meet Bill McPike in person. Cannabis University.

cannabis university

cannabis university


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