The burning question…….can you still open a medical marijuana dispensary?

First and fore most, do not call it a dispensary. In the California Attorney General Guidelines it is stated on page 11 that, dispensaries are not a recognized entity in the state of California. Now, as far as trying to open a medical marijuana collective goes, yes you can. I don’t see why not? Your first amendment rights allow you to associate with other people. So what if those people were marijuana patients? Does that mean you cannot associate with them? I don’t think so.

If you can associate with other people, then why couldn’t you associate with a marijuana patient?? If you are associating with a patient, then why couldn’t you trade medical marijuana with them? Why couldn’t you help them cultivate the medical marijuana that their doctor recommended?? You can!! You can collectively cultivate each others medical marijuana. As long as you do not make a profit doing so. Because god forbid you make a dollar cultivating marijuana, then you will be known as a criminal.

Recently Los Angeles city counsel postponed the ban they had on dispensaries so, if you are willing to help medical marijuana patients obtain safe medicine, you can open a medical marijuana dispensary, ooops, I mean a collective.

Thus, you can open a non profit medical marijuana collective and cultivate marijuana patient’s medicine. Just don’t call it a collective.

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