Our Live Seminar focuses on marijuana business and cultivation in California (covering all details under California’s Proposition 215, SB 420). Benefits of attending a 420 College Medical Marijuana Business and Operations Live Seminar: Learn how to form a non-profit medical marijuana collective business. How to open a medical cannabis dispensary in California. Learn how to start a marijuana dispensary. Start a medical marijuana delivery service. Start a medical marijuana grow operation. How to become a state
Update on proposed 300% medical marijuana tax by Pamela Powers  Under 2010 elections, Arizona, Arizona Legislature, medical marijuana, nanny state, Prop 203, taxes Wednesday evening (Jan 2011),  I posted a story about the proposed 300% tax on medical marijuana, which blew up in the Citizen comments section and on state representatives’ facebook pages over night. The story in today’s Arizona Daily Star corroborated my story and offered more details. Basically, Attorney General Tom Horne is using a loophole in Prop 203 (the medicalmarijuana law that voters passed in
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Pot Growing Policy Changes Tagged with: Growing Cannabis   In light of shifting rules governing the cultivation of marijuana for medical use under California’s Proposition 215, Sheriff Lorrac Craig is working with other law enforcement officials to figure out what the county’s enforcement policies will be for the 2009 growing season. In a status report to the Board of Supervisors last week, Sheriff Craig said he believes the recent California Supreme Court ruling defining “caregiver”
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