Now a days when someone is thinking of legalizing their weed, they start looking into a weed college. Three years ago there was only one weed college, called Oaksterdam University. Now every time I look online there is a new weed college popping up out of now where. I don’t even know if these new weed colleges are legitimate. For all I know they’re going to take my money, and just like Oaksterdam, tell me bunch of useless facts. I know for a fact that 420 College weed college, is 100% reputable. No BS here, just pure facts. If you’re scared of reality, then look for some other Unicans or Institutes or a Greenway that will guaranteed rip you off. Just read some reviews online and make the right decision when choosing a weed college….. Weed College.


420 College has been serving the cannabis entrepreneurs since 2009.  Having more than 30,000 cannabis business people come through cannabis school doors to get educated on starting and operating any type of cannabis business.

Are you ready to enter the cannabis industry?  Get started today, check out our cannabis business seminars and the many other ways we can help you get your cannabis business started and set for success.




Founder & CEO of 420 College.

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