420 College has been developed to help educate people on the use of marijuana. Marijuana schools have become many in the United States where the business is booming. Students and adults have engaged themselves in the use of the drug which has left them go down in their performance.

If we take a look at the number of students who are dropping out from school from marijuana smoking, it has been rising day by day. Parents and guardians have had very hard time in curbing the problem among their children. Marijuana schools have come to help students and teens pull out of the captivity imposed by weed smoking. Weed is not good as advocated by many people. If you have been having the assumption of taking weed without any effects then you are mistaken. You have to turn away from such thoughts and focus on better ways of making life good. Many schools in the states such as 420 college give education related to pot.

By engaging in weed smoking students loose memory and focus on their educational goals. Students who take weed tend to perform poor compared to their non smoking counterparts. 420 college is one of the institutions which have helped students who engage in hard core weed smoking come up. Marijuana schools should be upgraded to curb the existing vies in the society. Many youth and students who indulge in smoking weed will finally find themselves breaking in fights. Fighting may lead to death if it is serious. Many students have used dangerous weapons and injured their friends very much. Youthful girls have also carried unwanted pregnancies hence terminating their education and making their life ambitions come to a stand still. Due to the side effects coming along with marijuana smoking schools should focus on educating students and young people on the dangers that come along with taking weed. Colleges such as 420 college have come out to fight for the needs of students.

The youth have to be taken care of very much because they are the people who hold the key to future generations. If they are left uneducated on the existing challenges their lives will become useless from weed smoking.

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