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If you are looking to get into the legal cannabis business market, then there are many things that you need to be aware of.  The idea of becoming a part of the cannabis industry can be a great one, but the steps required to actually get involved can be tricky.  So, what you must know before you apply for cannabis business permits properly in your city or county, before applying for cannabis business permits with the state.

You may be aware of the strict cannabis business laws that exist and the kind of financial stability that you need to open and operate such an expensive business as a cannabis dispensary or a cannabis cultivation facility.  Other than these things, you must also know that the local communities play a big role in allowing cannabis businesses to exist in their neighborhoods..

In most of the states, the local communities have full rights to decide whether they want a cannabis facility to exist or not.  It is not possible for a business to open its doors if it doesn’t have a supporting zoning and a landlord is willing to lease to a cannabis business.

Communities have set up strict standards as to who can operate and who cannot.   This is an important factor you have to take into consideration when applying for cannabis business permits.

Although you may be given a pre-qualification to operate a cannabis business in your city or county, you won’t be able to run your business if you don’t have approval for the neighborhood leaders.  This is the reason it is crucial to build positive relationships with the communities and if possible get to know the people in the municipality.


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