What To Do If Your Cultivation Business Is Failing?

Most experienced cultivators will tell you that growing cannabis is a 24-hour a day, dull and hard work business. Many people looking to make their fortunes in the Green Rush flock to the idea of growing cannabis because they think it is easy. After all, get a warehouse and fill it with a bunch of plants and lights and …. VOILA! ….tonnes of primo bud and massive riches!

That just isn’t true, as a lot of investors are now realizing. If you are one of those people who discovered that it isn’t as easy to operate a cannabis cultivation business profitably, there are a few things you can do to help yourself.

If you own or lease licensed space, and your crops are failing, either you are trying to do a DIY grow or your master grower is actually an amateur. There are lots of experienced growers looking for licensed space where they can partner with the owner. Many of these people didn’t have the money or the business smarts to get licensed to grow, but they have the knowledge and experience to turn out a good crop. It is difficult to find these people unless you are an industry insider. Perhaps your crop problems have driven you to attend expos like the Emerald Cup, but if not, that is the first place to start. Ask for help. Ask your distributors for help. Ask the people who sold you your lights, clones, nutrients — and keep asking them to point out people who are experienced and reliable cultivators.What Does Cannabis Industry Consolidation Mean To You?

Be careful who you trust. You aren’t looking for a fast-talking sharpie in designer denim, you should be looking for a genuine OG who might not be as charming as the guy in designer duds, but understands the language of the plants. Your nephew who smokes a lot of weed probably isn’t the person you want to partner with. Consultants who hold seminars in hotel ballrooms under chandeliers are also not what you want. You might have fallen for such a pitch-fest when you decided to dump your life savings into becoming a cannabis grower, but now you need to find someone who is more realistic.

If you have a good master gardener who is always suggesting spending money, listen to his/her suggestions. It isn’t enough to have a 10,000 square foot warehouse, you must properly seal the floors and the walls and make sure everything is sterile. You need back-up systems too.. A power outage can destroy your crop unless you have adequate generators.

Before you give up, hunt out one of those cannabis consultants that can give you the straight information that can actually help you find experienced grow partners, distributors, and suggest ways to improve your bottom line.


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