If you live in California, you may be thinking whether the local community can help you get your application for a California cannabis business license approved or not.  Setting up a cannabis business is nothing like setting up any other type of business.  The laws, as well as the legal requirements for setting up a cannabis business are unique to this industry.  There are also numerous challenges that you will have to face when you get started.  But, the question is “do you need to have good community relationships to get a California cannabis business license?”

Of course you do because in most regions the decision of the community matters.  The local authorities take into consideration the views of the residents before they approve a cannabis business application.  If you want to set up a cannabis business and you don’t have positive relationships with the community, then you will not be granted cannabis business permits to start a cannabis business.

California cannabis business license

Your community shouldn’t have any problems with your cannabis business if you work with them closely.  They should be supportive and this is why there is a need for you to have good relations with everyone around you.  You must demonstrate in your cannabis business application that your activities and actions will not have a negative impact on the community, but create a positive impact for it’s residents.

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