Los Angeles city marijuana ordinance

The long-awaited proposed regulations under Proposition M for L.A.’s current and future medical (and recreational) marijuana operators are finally out. The 51 pages of initial regulations (that are now in a 60-day public comment period) cover the governance of cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, testing facilities, transporters, retailers, and microbusinesses in significant detail under Proposition M. Here are the highlights from the proposed operator rules: The City of Los Angeles Cannabis Department (“Department”) is going to issue Commercial Cannabis Activity Certificates of Compliance 
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By John Schroyer Significant changes are on the way for Los Angeles’ sprawling, largely unregulated medical marijuana industry. City lawmakers are expected to place a measure on the local ballot next year to reform existing rules and create a new regulatory framework for the MMJ industry. Any regulatory changes also could govern recreational cannabis, if California voters approve adult-use marijuana in November. Nothing is set in stone. And the Los Angeles City Council could act 
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