There’s quite a bit of free information on how to start your own dispensary and delivery service on YouTube. But, how much of that free information on the internet can you trust? Here at 420 college we noticed little information on how to start a marijuana delivery service California worth while listening to. Starting your own delivery service can be quite lucrative career choice, and you’d be providing a great service to those in need that can’t physically go out and purchase their medicine.

To start your own delivery service, it will be similar to starting a dispensary. You will have to acquire a business license and operate solely for the purpose of distributing medical marijuana. Unlike a dispensary you won’t have the need for a brick and mortar business. Then you will have to advertise yourself across the medical marijuana community. Once your patients start calling you will need to verify a few things:

The patients verification number

The patients California driving license

With these two things you can now deliver the product to your patients. There’s been a recent crackdown on such operations across California. If you want to start a marijuana delivery service California, you will need to make sure to follow all the law’s required to maintain a successful business.

With the overwhelming number of the new cannabis dispensaries opening over the state, it is tough to know where you can start. Thus, if you have medical marijuana registry card & you are thinking how you can find best dispensaries then continue reading for some useful tips. First step to locate the new medical marijuana dispensary California is identifying all dispensaries, which are in the close proximity at your location. And Google maps is one great tool for the task as it can actually overlay the location markers in case, you do the search for something “California Dispensary”.

When you have the list of some dispensaries in your region, you may start a marijuana delivery service California researching by doing other Google search for the specific keywords ad name. Search by writing phrase like “dispensary review in CA” or “the best dispensaries California” and you must get appropriate results. I suggest using research from the results to refine the list down to more than 3 of the interesting dispensaries in your area. You have done the research and read these reviews, it is now time to visit the top three medical marijuana dispensaries and see.

So go to 420 College seminars, we stand by what we do. Learn what are Start a marijuana delivery service California.

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You can always call or email 420 College staff, faculty or instructors if you want further assistance, we’ll do our best to answer your questions all for FREE!

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ALL the legal requirements and relevant paper work required to start and run a legal medical marijuana business in California.

We will cover how to operate your business legally and safely so that you NEVER run the risk of breaking the law and have the best chance at delivering quality medicinal materials, consistently, to your own co-op, collective, club or for your own delivery service patient members.

We’ll give you all the paper work needed to start RIGHT AWAY – as soon as you are ready* – in the 1-On-1 counseling session. You will have direct contact with 420 staff that will guide you through document completion and filing – so you get it right – the first time!


We can come to you no matter where you are in California.

Outside of Central California (Fresno, CA) please add a flat rate of $100, per day, to cover staff travel expenses.


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Founder of 420 College.

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