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start a legal medical marijuana dispensary or delivery in california



Class Outline
2 Day Live Seminar


How Do You Start & Operate
Medical (Cannabis) Cultivation
Garden, Club or Delivery Service

for Your Own Collective?

Learn How In Our 2 Day Seminar!

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420 College classes on how to start a medical marijuana business

legal medical marijuana

DAY 1:

Medical Cannabis Business Entities

Focus is on how and why you need to start up collective PROPERLY and LEGALLY, under the state programs in your area!

Medical marijuana, co-ops, collectives, clubs and delivery services are SHUT DOWN every day because the groups operating them are doing business contrary to law.
Under current law, medical marijuana collectives and their members must follow specific guidelines for transacting between members – and that behavior clearly does NOT allow, donations, “commerce” or transactions between any one but the members of a collective.
The use of the word DISPENSARY or dispensaries, when speaking of medical marijuana, is also mis-used. Collectives and co-operatives are not operated by licensed “dispensers” (in other words, a pharmacist licensed by the State of California – and licensed pharmacists are NOT allowed, under state laws, to dispense marijuana, for any reason, other than in the form of Marinol(R)).
With THAT said – why do we teach YOU, as a member, how to OPERATE a legal collective instead of saying YOU can Own and Operate a Commercial Marijuana Dispensary? Because OWNING AND OPERATING A FOR-PROFIT, COMMERCIAL MARIJUANA BUSINESS, Dealing with “VENDORS” and Marketing “incentives” to the public to entice them into the club IS ILLEGAL UNDER STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS!
So – You want to learn how to operate a collective, club or delivery – legally – come and learn from folks that know how and have YOUR best interests, at heart.
420 College’s primary objective is to – first and foremost – provide the facts of the law – period.

medical marijuana business questions

Key Objective #1:
Step-by-step review of state requirements to start a business (in California, we cover Prop 215 and SB.420, in Arizona, Prop 203; in Colorado, Amendment 20, etc). (This varies by state and county, in some cases)

medical marijuana business questions

Key Objective#2:
Types of business structure to use to start, compare different types of careers.

medical marijuana business questions

Key Objective #3:
Create step-by-step plan to start your business.

all forms required to open a marijuana business in california

From DAY ONE – you will know more about
  • cannabis business licenses.
  • cannabis business permits and other cannabis business paper work needed.
  • Where is the best locations to open your business.
  • What to write and what not to write on business application and where to go.
  • Not for Profit and Non-profit Mutual Benefit Corporation options.
  • Difference between Medical cannabis Business and Agricultural cannabis Business.

incorporation and other business filings are required to run your medical marijuana business legally

How to facilitate transactions.
Bookkeeping and paying taxes.
General Liability Insurance to cover your business and crop.
Merchant account services for your business.
Pros and Cons of retail, delivery and grow operations.
Advertising strategies.

Most Importantly
What Resources Are Needed to Start?

More on DAY 1 (continued)

medical marijuana patient rights and dispensary responsibilities

Medical Cannabis Patient Rights

Co-op/Collective/Club Responsibilities
VERIFY Recommendations/ID

Becoming A Medical cannabis Patient **:
Medical Benefits of cannabis and history of cannabis

medical marijuana business questions

Key Objective: to educate students on history, facts, and statistics about illegality of cannabis.

medical marijuana doctor physician recommendation forms

We cover what type of physician or doctor’s recommendation “certificate or letter” is required, by the state or locality, to be in the possession of THE MEDICAL cannabis PATIENT FOR VERIFICATION and what you must do with this information.
medical marijuana id cardAs a collective, coop, club, delivery service, dispensary or “other” – you must operate within the specifications of the local law which requires that specific forms and procedures be followed to verify a patient, to validate the authorization to grow (as a collective farm for “many”), as a commercial operating “farm” for larger collectives (more than 50 people).
Contact information for organizations and groups that can help advocate the use of medical cannabis in your area are available, to all Alumni, online.
** Contact information from local doctor’s, that provide patient consultations and referrals, will be provided in your handouts, when available in your area.


420 college - marijuana cultivation classesDAY 2:

Cultivation, Processing, Safety, Security, Use

CULTIVATION – For Experienced Growers – Let’s compare notes and you may find a few new tips or tricks, along the way. For those that are exploring –

Focus is on what and how you can achieve the BEST Results to safely cultivate, produce and use MMJ for your better health!


marijuana grow room

You Will Be Taking Lessons From EXPERIENCED
Professional Growers.

medical marijuana business questions

Key Objective: Learn the steps to take to insure you can produce medicinal quality flowers from seeds, starter plants (clones) all the way through to harvest.
  • How to get started and produce your own medicine
  • Strain selection, space required
  • Growing indoors, outdoors and hydroponics.
  • Instructions for watering, lighting, ventilation, cycles.
  • Equipment that will be needed.
  • Detailed instructions on pest control, smell abatement, security, pH balance, and drying/curing.

edible medical marijuana recipes

Cooking, Edibles And Extracts: Use your medicine by other means.

medical marijuana business questions

Key Objective: learn about the hundreds of edible cannabis products that are now available:

  • Confections – candies and ice creams
  • Cheesecakes, brownies and other “goodies”
  • Use in Cooking, Salad Dressings and Drinks.
  • Concentrates
  • Extracts
  • PROPER Packaging
  • And food and “edible” handling and safety.


find medical marijuana

During lunch AND AFTER … Get To Know Others!

Our classes are an excellent place to find like-minded people that are working towards similar goals!

Various Alumni Mixers And Resources: get off on the right foot – if it comes together – go out to lunch or make an effort to meet after class for time to meet and greet other seminar attendees.

beautiful hand drawn illustration of hemp - marijuana

Local MIXERS and other events are not always possible – take the time to exchange contact information and make it a habit to visit each other! Hang Out With Experts – Advice and instructions from seasoned veterans in the field with years; and most with generations; of knowledge and know-how.

As a 420 College “Alumni” – you will be first to find out about activities we post on our calendar so you can keep up-to-date and informed – 420 College is committed to getting the information in front of you – what YOU make of this, is up to YOU.

medical marijuana business questions

Key Objective to Network During Event: to insure that students feel comfortable and confident before leaving the two day workshop, to assist one another finding people that have knowledge and resources to help you in your goal of working within the cannabis industry:

Valuable Experiences, New Friends,
Contacts, a Step-By-Step
Check List & FORMS to Take Home!

wm. bill mcpike - teaching medical marijuana law at 420 College classes

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