This site is provided by A.S. Radin & Associates – a business brokering firm concerned with the negative affect that ripoffreport.com has on the business community. We are providing this open source for both victims of ripoffreport.com as well as those considering filing at ripoffreport.com. We want you to know the truth about ripoffreport.com.

First – any complaint that is filed by an ANONYMOUS person is done by a COWARD who knows their complaint is being done to slander someone without facts to back it up – ripoffreport.com – where COWARDS whine in ANONYMITY!

Ripoffreport.com represents themselves as a consumer protection group hiding behind the Internet. However, unlike reputable consumer groups like the BBB etc – they do not investigate claims nor do they remove them when you can prove their reports malicious and false. Ripoffreport.com has become known as the National Enquirer counterpart to the Better Business Bureau and their owner has been accused of collusion, extortion and racketeering under the Federal RICO act. FURTHERMORE – we attempted to file our own report on ripoffreport.com AGAINST ripoffreport.com and surprise – it was not posted so their claim to file all reports is bogus as well.

They want false reports written because it gives them the opportunity to act in collusion with firms claiming to remove the complaints or attorneys “they recommend” – we are sure with a kick-back. And the fees to do this are criminal in themselves. They have been known to file their own false claims acting as someone else to induce the victim to use their “removal” or arbitration cronies.

And the kicker is they now have great reach on Google creating further publicity and need for the victims to buy into their collusion and use their sources. NOTE – a representative of Google told us that they have no interest in ripoffreport.com and they are helpless when it comes to their search rankings. So we took 20 random reports off Google from ripoffreport.com then checked with the Better Business Bureau – there was NOT ONE claim at the BBB that we pulled off ripoffreport.com.

If you are thinking about filing a claim on ripoffreport.com be aware that the majority of people now realize that this is a site where unscrupulous people file false reports as a complaint session when they know reputable firms like the BBB have either dismissed the claim or the claim was so libel they would not even look at it.

If you already filed a report on ripoffreport.com then read this…

We are not here casting judgment – you may indeed have a viable claim against whom you filed a ripoffreport.com report HOWEVER – whether it is true or done for spite – you made a HUGE mistake. You inadvertently lent your name to a web site that has been accused of collusion, extortion and racketeering under the Federal RICO act. AND YOU ARE PART OF IT.

SO how does that affect you? BEWARE that sooner rather than later ripoffreport.com will be cited or shut-down for spreading slander in attempted collusion – and every person filing a complaint WILL THEN BE OPEN TO SLANDER CLAIMS by their victims and ripoffreport.com will become the victim’s # 1 proof. This is serious and needs your attention.

Our advice – go to your ripoffreport.com post and file a new report rescinding your report before it is too late. If and when ripoffreport’s illegal activity hits the airwaves and courtrooms then you will lose and likely get sued or worse if your slander becomes a criminal case. If your case is real then use the BBB or other reputable consumer sources. Read the articles below about the site that you hitched your wagon too. And if this scares you – it should – act now. At least when push comes to shove you can claim that you rescinded your report.

So if you still believe that reports filed on ripoffreport.com are true then you are as bad as them. If you really want to check out a company – go the BBB or other recognized consumer groups.

Here is a list of articles written about the illegal activity of ripoffreport.com





Some law suits filed against them





Ripoffreport.com collusion

More complaints



These scam artists are ruining good reputations everywhere – THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN

find the article here.

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