When Jake and Alina Wagoner opened PALS Collective in Bishop, CA back in 2014, the environment surrounding medical marijuana was not quite as open and supporting as it is today. The idea that marijuana could be used as a medicine did not resonate with many of the locals in this small Eastern Sierra town. There was a small, but vocal resistance to their business, but they persevered because of the support they received from patients in the surrounding communities.

Soon PALS Collective became known throughout Inyo County as a compassionate provider of medical marijuana. Their patient base swelled with people from all walks of life and who lived in the mountain and rural areas up and down the Highway 395 Corridor in Central California.

The Wagoners knew that their legal standing would have to stand up to a significant amount of scrutiny and for that reason they sought out the representation of the experts at 420 College in Fresno, CA. When Prop 64 passed in the State of California, they were one of the first collectives in the area to start work on the qualification process, and again they brought in 420 College to manage the effort.

It paid off. PALS received the highest score on their cannabis business permit application and received License No 1-001 from the County of Inyo Commercial Cannabis Permitting Office. They are now in the process of obtaining State licenses and soon will once again be providing the Eastern Sierra’s finest cannabis products in the beautiful town of Bishop, California.

420 College

With all the bad news and disappointments in the California cannabis industry, it’s nice to see a real success story. A family-owned, small business that risked it all, persevered during tough times and finally made it onto the path of success!

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Steve Crane is a Board Member and Executive Vice President at Emerald Spectrum Holdings Inc., the corporate parent of 420 College.


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