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marijuana workshops in SeatacWell, the application period has ended. If you have already filled out your I502 Retailer, Producer and Processor application and are waiting for your interview and need to start working on the Operational Plan for you business to submit to the LCB, this seminar is for you. And if you are preparing for you opportunity to get your application in when they open the window next time, this is the perfect course for you.

Our attorneys and industry professionals prepared a course for I502 applicants who are getting ready for the interview with the LCB. We will go over what to expect and what to say. Also, go over what exactly goes into a winning Operational plan and what goes into a winning strategy that will help get your application approved over others.

WCI will help you understand and comply with the I 502 regulations and licensing requirements.

We will go over the correct corporate structure for the I 502 commercial retail, producer and processor business. Institute a strategy to scale up your collective garden to a larger I 502 commercial operation and understand the violations that might arise from the I502.

Meet industry professionals like merchant accounts, 420 insurance agents, cannabis testing labs, real estate agents, etc.

Get expert marijuana cultivation training from top cannabis farmers.

Start your I502 marijuana business in Washington state the right way!!! Get ahead of the I 502 curve and position yourself for success.

The Cannabis Institute is planning on hosting a marijuana workshops in Seattle on May 17 & 18, 2014 for helping I502 license applicants get the requirements completes. This is what our attorney will go over:

Operating Plan Required Elements – Producer – Submission of an operating plan that demonstrates the applicant is qualified to hold the marijuana license applied for is required as part of the application process listed in Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 314-55-020. This operating plan must include a floor plan and/or site plan which illustrates the entire operation being proposed. (WAC 314.55.020(9))

1. SECURITY (WAC 314-55-083)

a. Employee identification badge (yes/no)

b. Alarm system as shown on the floor plan you are submitting.

c. Video surveillance system and recording device


Describe how you plan to comply with all traceability requirements to include a description of all software and assurance that the system is compatible with the LCB’s approved system.


a. Training plan for new employees

b. Description of team/staff members related experience


a. Packaging of product for transportation

b. Labeling of product for transportation


a. Storage, security, and management of solid and liquid waste

b. Method of disposal for solid and liquid waste

c. Method of rendering plant matter waste unusable prior to leaving facility

d. Final Destination of waste rendered unusable

Describe your scale and any other measuring devices you will use for the traceability and inventory of product.

a. List the number of square feet you will dedicate to plant canopy

b. List the number of square feet you will dedicate to other business activities (such as office, restroom, quarantine room, etc.)

c. Describe your grow operation related to the items listed below:

1. Description of growing media(s)

2. Description of all equipment used in the production process

3. List of soil amendments, fertilizers, other crop production aids, or pesticides used

d. Outdoor production only – describe the physical barrier surrounding your outdoor production areas including the method you will use to obscure public view of the grow premise

7. QUALITY ASSURANCE PROTOCOLS (WAC 314-55-102)Operating Plan Required Elements – Producer

So, if you have applied for the license, this is the marijuana workshop you want to attend. Look up Washington Cannabis Institute and get signed up.


George Boyadjian

Founder of 420 College.

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