marijuana local ordinance

Marijuana local ordinance

Marijuana local ordinanceFrom the time marijuana has been made legal in the 20 or so states, the city councils have been working to approve the marijuana local ordinance so the rules are regulations are in the interest of the public and the patients of medical marijuana. Under the new marijuana local ordinance, medical marijuana dispensaries can only be established in an eligible location. If the dispensary is to be set up within the city limits, there are a number of conditions that will apply. The first one is that only one permit will be issued to the dispensary by the city council that would approve a marijuana local ordinance.marijuana local ordinance

The dispensary that has been approved to operate within the city limits must be located in a commercial or industrial zoning area. It cannot be formed anywhere within 1000 feet of a library, school, park, recreational facility, youth center or places of worship. In addition, the establishment cannot be within 500 feet of residential areas. The Board of Zoning Adjustments will also conduct a public hearing for the dispensary on the approval of the permit that has been granted by the city council.

Businesses are the granted the conditional use permit must adhere to the regulations related to security, facilities, operating, record keeping and signage that have been outlined in the marijuana local ordinance.

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