Marijuana business in CaliforniaWith 420 College taking the lead in training, many people are engaging in the marijuana business in California more than ever. However nothing has been done far concerning the issue. People have opened their minds and now which was seen as an illegal business has turned out to make one of the greatest industries in the states. Stern measures were issued to enforce the laws.

One of the great educational centers for training is 420 College. Many people have benefited from it, making their lifestyles better after starting their marijuana business in California. What leaves many with questions regarding the business is that, although it remains an illegal business venture under the law, people are still doing it openly. No one has been arrested for carrying out the business. The business is finding way in the industry.

There are universities and other higher learning institution which have incorporated marijuana business studies in their system. Marijuana business in California has continued to boom, despite the endless legal fights to make it illegal by the states government. It has also boosted the revenue of many businesses making the industry grow exponentially. Marijuana business in California has really lifted the economy of the state. For generations the business has been run through out California. This leaves many marijuana businesses with worries that the next hunt will be in California. This was done with the aim of curbing the business in the states.

Marijuana business in California has helped the government of United States raise billions of dollars in form of taxes. Despite the warnings from the states government, the business is still booming. Although there is a continuous pull and push for marijuana business between the federal law and the states government, there is no clear agreement arrived on concerning the business. Some teachers in many colleges which give marijuana based education have really supported the business in their favor. When the Obama government took office, a letter was issued stating that carrying out marijuana business was illegal. The state of California has generated much income from the business. This has left many people wondering.

So go to 420 College seminars, we stand by what we do. Learn what are Marijuana Business in California.


Marijuana business in CaliforniaEMAIL AND PHONE ONGOING SUPPORT:
You can always call or email 420 College staff, faculty or instructors if you want further assistance, we’ll do our best to answer your questions all for FREE!

You always have access to the online forum and the Alumni Online Campus where you can network with other 420 College grads.

At the end of your consultation
you’ll walk away with a medical marijuana delivery business

420 College

medical marijuana delivery business1-On-1 CONFIDENTIAL
Delivery Service
Business Start-up

* FEE: $500 [See Our SKYPE Tele-Conference Offer , below- Save $200!]

Sessions are designed to help you start a medical marijuana delivery service, collective cultivation garden and grow your service business – We can scheduled these consultations for you – at anytime.

Any question is a good one – let’s get you started, with ALL the facts!

In the privacy of your own choosing …

We will openly discuss …

ALL the legal requirements and relevant paper work required to start and run a legal medical marijuana business in California.

We will cover how to operate your business legally and safely so that you NEVER run the risk of breaking the law and have the best chance at delivering quality medicinal materials, consistently, to your own co-op, collective, club or for your own delivery service patient members.

We’ll give you all the paper work needed to start RIGHT AWAY – as soon as you are ready* – in the 1-On-1 counseling session. You will have direct contact with 420 staff that will guide you through document completion and filing – so you get it right – the first time!


We can come to you no matter where you are in California.

Outside of Central California (Fresno, CA) please add a flat rate of $100, per day, to cover staff travel expenses.



Founder & CEO of 420 College.

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