Health care marijuana will not only help the existing economic system by tax payer money, nevertheless develop career regarding thousands of people who had been let go by their companies because of the heading downward economic system. At 420 Cannabis College pot institutions, our own goal is always to provide the information and also resources to achieve the knowledge of how to start a medical marijuana business.

Following passing of Proposition 215 throughout California within The early nineties, California residents with good doctor’s advice may use marijuana regarding medicinal functions. With that comes being able to not only join a medical cannabis collective in California and also through, but also to know how to start a medical marijuana business within California below law firm General’s recommendations.

The purpose of how to start a medical marijuana business collectives as well as medical cannabis shipping and delivery company collectives would be to assist in deals amongst certified medical marijuana patients.

Get the medical marijuana recommendation –

Getting the marijuana recommendation, the medical marijuana card and caregiver card is a first step for anybody who would like to learn to grow the marijuana. Most of the states need people who want to learn to grow marijuana for registering according to state’s specific laws and guidelines, and that might involve getting the recommendation from the marijuana doctor. You need to check with the state to learn little more about application process as well as grow limits prior to learning to grow marijuana

Why is it that marijuana industry is an only industry in nation that, while it comes about marijuana education at how to start the marijuana dispensary business, many people act as if they do not require schooling, they will get what they want for free on internet? You will not pull out your tooth will you? Or, will you give yourself the operation? Or build house yourself without the licensed contractor? No, nobody would. Why it is that we go to the doctor and hire someone licensed on what we want to be done? Because, we all want these things to be done rightly. Or, suppose we wish to get on the profession, we will go to school & get educated or get the degree.


So, you want to learn how to start a Marijuana Dispensary, Collective, Marijuana Delivery Service, Marijuana Co-op, Club, Smoke Shop, Cafe, Edibles or Confection Manufacture or Marijuana Grow Operation;

420 College 2 Day Seminars are for YOU!!!



referrals for medical marijuana business


You can always call or email 420 College staff, faculty or instructors if you want further assistance, we’ll do our best to answer your questions all for FREE!

You always have access to the online forum and the Alumni Online Campus where you can network with other 420 College grads.

At the end of your consultation
you’ll walk away with a medical marijuana delivery business

420 College

Delivery Service
Business Start-up

* FEE: $500 [See Our SKYPE Tele-Conference Offer , below- Save $200!]

Sessions are designed to help you start a medical marijuana delivery service, collective cultivation garden and grow your service business – We can scheduled these consultations for you – at anytime.

Any question is a good one – let’s get you started, with ALL the facts!

In the privacy of your own choosing …legal hassles are gone with 420 college

We will openly discuss …

ALL the legal requirements and relevant paper work required to start and run a legal medical marijuana business in California.

We will cover how to operate your business legally and safely so that you NEVER run the risk of breaking the law and have the best chance at delivering quality medicinal materials, consistently, to your own co-op, collective, club or for your own delivery service patient members.

We’ll give you all the paper work needed to start RIGHT AWAY – as soon as you are ready* – in the 1-On-1 counseling session. You will have direct contact with 420 staff that will guide you through document completion and filing – so you get it right – the first time!


We can come to you no matter where you are in California.

Outside of Central California (Fresno, CA) please add a flat rate of $100, per day, to cover staff travel expenses. CALL TODAY (323) 308-8803


George Boyadjian

Founder of 420 College.

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