How To Open Your Own Legal Medical Cannabis Business In California

420 College

420 College

Learn how to open your own medical cannabis business in California! At our two day live seminars and online course we provide you with business consultation, cultivation education, and all the proper legal paperwork with guidelines to fill it out, plus free continued education for life.  All of our featured speakers are long time veterans of the medical cannabis industry. An investment in cannabis education with 420 College is an extremely wise investment for anyone looking for a long term future in the cannabis industry.

SoCal Medical Cannabis Seminar

Upcoming live two day seminars in California:

Join the booming new Green Rush! Join the he only growing industry in this economy! Turn key packages are available which includes 420 College doing all the work for you including finding a compliant location, negotiating your lease, setting up security, building out the location, putting in display cases, and hiring trained staff. We also introduce you to cannabis attorney’s and cannabis CPA’s.

Cannabis Cultivation EducationOn top of the medical cannabis business education we also provide a full comprehensive cultivation workshop.  Our list of featured speakers includes the best in the industry in their specific fields. One of our cultivation teachers is famous expert cannabis cultivator Mike Boutin from “Weed Country” who laid down his first seminar with us last weekend in Sacramento, CA.  He shared his wealth of knowledge from 35 years of experience and we are excited to have him back again soon!

Cannabis CollectiveWe turn cannabis entrepreneur dreamers into business owners. If you grow it and build it, they will come. 420 College helps you cut through the red tape and connect the pieces of the puzzle together for you to ensure your success. Start your own medical cannabis or business in California with our help and make your entrepreneurial dreams come true today:

Written by, Tropical420 on 6/4/2014

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