Got A Positive CBD Vape Oil Drug Test?

Here are the reasons of failing CBD oil drug tests, and how to avoid failing these tests:

CBD Oil Research:

While some CBD oils claim to be isolates, they might really be full-spectrum oils with more cannabinoids (like THC) than they advertise. CBD was found to be more effective in treating inflammation and pain when combined with other cannabis plant chemicals in a study done at the globally renowned Lautenberg Center for Immunology and Cancer. Rather than a CBD isolation product, these chemicals were extracted from a full-spectrum product. Full-spectrum products (those containing THC) are popular for this reason. If you’re being tested for drug usage, though, the difference between full-spectrum oils and isolates is crucial.

Reasons of Failing a CBD oil Drug Test

A person may fail a CBD vape oil drug test for a variety of reasons.

Using THC-Infused Products:

A failed CBD vape oil drug test is most commonly caused by the use of a CBD oil product that contains THC. It’s possible that this is a full-spectrum product. It might, however, be a low-quality isolate product containing a trace quantity of THC. Although the majority of producers say their goods are THC-free, this is not always the truth.

THC Cross-Contamination:

THC contained in the substance from which CBD is derived can get into the CBD oil in high enough concentrations to cause a positive drug test. When CBD oil is acquired from cannabis shops in states where cannabis is legal, this scenario is more likely to occur.

Product Labeling Defects:

THC levels in CBD oil derived from hemp should not exceed 0.3 percent. However, it’s not unusual for vendors to mislabel their products as THC-free hemp when they’re actually low-quality marijuana oil. THC is present in marijuana.In fact, according to one research, about 70% of CBD products offered online are mislabeled. This resulted in “possible significant harm to its customers.” 4 CBD products are not tightly controlled by the Food and Drug Administration, which leads to rampant mislabeling (FDA).

THC Exposure from Others:

A person’s accidental exposure to marijuana (through secondhand smoking) is unlikely to result in a positive drug test result. However, it is probable. Inhaling enough THC-containing smoke while in a room with strong marijuana smokers for several hours may result in a positive CBD vape oil drug test result.

A positive marijuana hair test is a more probable secondary exposure situation. Direct touch with marijuana paraphernalia or another person with THC on their hands causes this. Let’s assume someone stroked your hair after coming into direct contact with marijuana. A drug test that screens your hair might potentially result in a false positive.

Breakdown of CBD oil in the digestive system:

According to some reports, CBD oil that breaks down into extremely minute levels of THC in the stomach might cause false positive test results in rare situations. Other research, on the other hand, have disputed this conclusion. The researchers concluded that when “less-purified CBD products” are consumed, traces of THC may still be present in stomach acid.

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