Are You Starting a Medical Marijuana Business?
You Do Want to Start Out on the Right Path?

In California, and other states – Medical Marijuana Programs may limit who can operate, where an entity can be located, hours of operation, taxation, regulation, transport, quality and a host of other, to-be-determined, specifications operators MUST meet or exceed to succeed in the medical marijuana industry in their locality.

DID YOU HAVE ANY IDEA THAT …. Many groups, like Americans for Safe Access, and city ordinances, in some states, are compelling local clubs to TEST materials for pesticides and potency, are starting to find traction and these efforts to define the watermark for safe materials, at least in California, is the mark “compliance” will soon be defined to meet.  You Are OPERATING LEGALLY Right Now?

When you look at defining compliance for YOUR OWN medical marijuana dispensaries, clubs, co-ops, collective farm and gardens – you START, in part, today, by following the guidelines developed and adopted by each ST


George Boyadjian

Founder of 420 College.

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