Cannabis News Bits From All Over Within The Past Year

Cannabis News Bits From All Over Within The Past Year

Cannabis News: New York

New York was one of the cities in the United States that had problems recovering employment that decreased tremendously during the Covid 19 pandemic. Many people had lost their jobs which are mostly from the hospitality, entertainment and the food and beverage industries.

New York now has one of the fastest emerging cannabis industries in the United States and this emergence will enable cannabis companies that are and will be put up in the next few years that are related to cannabis cultivation, production, distribution and sales of cannabis will be able to create thousands of job and work opportunities for those people who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

Legal cannabis companies and related-companies (accounting firms, law firms, advertising firms, human resource companies, storage and transportation, security and more) are expected to yield close to 65,000 job opportunities before the year 2025 end and close to 25,000 jobs only within three years.

With the jobs, comes the pay. The salaries for full-time cannabis workers is in between 40,000 US Dollars to about 200,000 US Dollars for different types of jobs from ‘budtenders’ (kind of like a customer service representative/sales representative assisting potential buyers and gives product knowledge) to laborers, going up to management level and executives.

This cannabis news is certainly good news for New York and surrounding states that could benefit from this job boom.

Cannabis News: Philippines

Just in the third quarter of 2022, Filipino actor-turned politician, Senator Robin Padilla is advocating for the legalization of medical cannabis through Senate Bill No. 230 (Medical Cannabis Compassionate Access Act of the Philippines) as a “compassionate alternative” for the use of it as a medical treatment to qualified patients with symptoms or medical illnesses that are enfeebling.

The law would encompass cannabis acquisition, possession, transportation, delivery, dispensation and sales, administration, cultivation and production for medical reasons but would strictly enforce measures to protect its usage from abuse.

When this bill be passed into law, it would enable the country’s Department of Health (DOH) to house and operate what would be called the ‘Medical Cannabis Compassionate Centers’ in tertiary hospitals and would be responsible for cannabis acquisition, possession, transportation, delivery, dispensation and sales, administration, cultivation, production and supply to qualified individuals.

On the other hand, the Philippine FDA (Food and Drug Administration) will be the regulatory agency that will test the quality of each of the cannabis products to be imported or locally manufactured while the Dangerous Drugs Board and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency will be the law’s safeguards against potential usage abuse and exploitation.

Cannabis News: Germany

Just a few weeks ago, around March 2023, there had been a lot of buzz about passing a bill the legalization of cannabis in the country.

This cannabis news about Germany’s plans, cannabis will be decriminalized and people over 18 years old will be allowed to use and carry cannabis for personal use of up to 30 grams.

Any citizen above 18 years old will be allowed to grow a maximum of three plants in the comforts of their homes.
Stores and shops will be issued licenses to legally sell cannabis and cannabis products.

If this bill gets approved, it would be around the year 2024. This would put Germany on the world map to be the biggest regulated national cannabis market in the planet.

If this bill gets approved, this would make Germany the first-ever country to allow the commercial sale of cannabis and cannabis products in Europe.

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