Workshops for cannabis business

Cannabis Business

Workshops for cannabis business

Want to find out how to set up a cannabis business?  There are many people who are looking to do the same, but don’t know what steps to take to be able to become a part of the industry.   One of the best things that you can do to establish a cannabis business and run it successfully is attend workshops for cannabis business.  There are many reasons why workshops for cannabis business are important and there are many benefits of attending such workshops.workshops for cannabis business

These workshops for cannabis business allow you to interact with industry professionals.  The speakers include doctors, attorneys, accountants as well as professional cannabis growers who have vast experience in the industry.  These people have already helped many others establish their cannabis businesses and they can also help you do the same.  You can learn tips and tricks from the experts themselves and learn everything that you need to about the industry before you take a step further.

These workshops for cannabis business are designed to prepare you for the challenges you are likely to face when you enter the industry.  You can even make contacts and network with like minded people.  This will help you get more information about how things really work, what others are thinking, what their plans and strategies are, etc.  basically, workshops for cannabis business have many advantages for those who are serious about starting their own cannabis businesses.


Want to How To Start A Legal Medical Marijuana Business?

* Cultivating | Processing | Packaging | Transporting | Dispensary*seminar for cannabis business

If you would like to start a cannabis cultivation, Distributions, Manufacturing, Extraction, Dispensary, Delivery Service, our courses are for you.

Learn from expert lawyers and growers that help people start cannabis businesses everyday in California.

You will learn about your local laws, rules, restrictions and best possible business entities that are legally viable in your area.   Our faculty attorney is on hand to discuss any  legal question you may have regarding the formation of your new medical marijuana club, co-op farm, collective or dispensary!  DETAILS HERE

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*Seminars focus on the most up to date information for YOUR state’s medical marijuana laws –  420 College POLICY: No Exceptions!    You MUST be 21 years old to attend.




George Boyadjian

Founder of 420 College.

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