California Cannabis Pioneer files $20,000,000 damage claim against the Department of Cannabis Regulation – City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Ca (April 29, 2020) — George Boyadjian, founder of 420 College, a leader in cannabis business training for 11 years, has filed a $20,000,000 damage claim against the City of Los Angeles claiming that a member of Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) had a conflict of interest when awarding a contract to another organization with less experience in the industry and Boyadjian was a victim of racial discrimination. 

After submitting all of the required application materials, and performing two in-person interviews, the DCR claimed 420 College and George Boyadjian did not demonstrate an understanding of cannabis specific laws and requirements. Yet in the 11 years of operation 420 College has assisted many California cannabis businesses acquire licenses for cannabis business in various parts of the state and has conducted many employee training courses that have helped people in showing completion of training programs. Still the DCR awarded the contract to a newly formed organization. 

The damage claims is alleging the three-year-old company had an advantage from Cat Packer, the executive director and general manager of the Department of Cannabis Regulation. Packer was a previous board member of the winning bid organization and a close friend of the that group’s leading board member. This would be a direct conflict of interest.

In a private text conversation with George Boyadjian, the head of the contract winning firm has stated that the reason Boyadjian was not awarded the permit is because “Armenians are corrupt”. 

George Boyadjian has dedicated his career to the education and legalization of cannabis throughout California. He has built a network across the United States of licensed business owners and employees that have completed seminars, consultations and employee-training certifications. Despite his long-standing leadership in the cannabis industry, the DCR claims otherwise.

The greater Los Angeles area has been used for many training seminars and was the home to one of 420 College’s offices for 11 years. When the DCR announced a new request for proposal for social equity business owner training, Boyadjian knew this fell right in-line with his training seminars 420 College produced.

Boyadjian and 420 College have a proven network and industry experience that was blatantly sidelined for favoritism for corrupt greed. Boyadjian will continue to fight for ethical and honest business practices in the cannabis industry as this damage claim progresses. 420 College is still providing top-tier education and consulting in the cannabis industry. 


George Boyadjian

Founder of 420 College.

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