There are many that claim to be legit marijuana schools in California. Online scams and frauds are a real things in the world these days. 420 College is your trusted resource to help you identify online scams and frauds so you don’t get ripped off by the ones that claim to know what it takes to start and operate a marijuana collective.

420 College tips and advice to help you identify 420 scams and fraud cases.

Tip 1: when you see a cannabis school teaching people to take donations as reimbursement for expenses. Clue: you cannot receive a donation as a form of reimbursement, look up the definition of those words in the dictionary and you’ll see why.

Tip 2: when you see a doctor offering to give a “license” to grow a certain amount of marijuana plants. Clue: There is no such thing as a license to cultivate. You’re right to cultivate comes in when you get a recommendation from a doctor to use marijuana under Prop 215. And Prop 215 does not state a specific amount to cultivate.

Tip 3: when you hear marijuana consultant or an attorney telling you to file stock articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State. Clue: Articles of incorporation are supposed to state the specific use of the corporation on them. Stock articles do not have a specific use stated, that’s why they are called “stock”, you are supposed to use them as a template not file it.

Tip 4: when you see someone saying “learn how to become a caregiver” for marijuana patients. Clue: in latest court rulings have determined that in order for you to be a legal “caregiver” for anyone by supplying them with marijuana, you must be care giving for them before that person became a marijuana patient.

These are some free tips to help you identify a marijuana school scam or legitimacy. Be very aware of online marijuana school scams, because marijuana schools are not regulated. So, everyone teaches their interpretation of how things should be. But, we do not interpret anything. We have the best medical marijuana attorney in William McPike who teaches at 420 College seminars. Don’t get ripped off by those who claim to know what it takes, there’s only 1 and that’s 420 College.




George Boyadjian

Founder of 420 College.

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