Hemp Oil- What Exactly Is It?

Hemp Oil is the essential oil of hemp seeds or plant. It is obtained through the pressing of the plant or seed. The cold-pressed oil which is also the unrefined hemp is characterized by dark to green color.It also has some characteristic nutty flavor. If It comes in a darker the color, then the concentration of the hemp inside the oil is higher.

The oil from hemp seed, on the other hand, is colorless with less flavor when compared to the unrefined oil. The oil is more common in the making of detergents, shampoos, and soaps. The hemp seed oil is  highly nutritious, whether it has been refined or not.It is nutritious because it contains high amounts of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. The oil also contains essential vitamins and other anti-oxidants.

Hemp oil extraction

Extraction of the oil can be done in four different ways, these are;

–    Carbon dioxide extraction,

–    Ethanol extraction,

–    Solvent extraction (for instance, olive oil extraction), and

–    The Hexane or Butane extraction.

The Carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction method of oil from hemp is one of the commonest and one of the most effective extraction method. It involves the subjection of the hemp to high-pressure and low temperature/CO2 process. This method will help in the isolation and the preservation of the  oil but the issue here is that it is quite slow.

Ethanol extraction is mostly used because it is one of the safest methods. The only issue with this method of extraction is that ethanol is known to destroy the waxes of the hemp plant. The waxes in hemp do have their own benefits but may not be needed after the extraction.

The solvent extraction process such as the olive oil extraction is considered to be the most cost-effective.  This process is also safe, but the main drawback is that the oil must be carefully stored in a cold and dark environment. Good storage is needed for this oil in order to prevent it from turning rancid.  The Hexane or Butane extraction of oil from hemp is also effective in all ways but has some problems.With these methods, some of these solvents remain in the oil after the extraction.The presence of solvents in extracted oil can be dangerous to vital organs such as the lungs.

Safety and storage of Hemp oil

It takes quite a large amount of the stalk or seeds of hemp to make the oil.There is a higher risk of toxin contamination in an improperly extracted oil. The strong biochemical properties of oil can also react quickly to extreme temperature changes.Biochemical reactionsare the reasons why the oil must be stored at a cool temperature.Avoid storage at room temperature where weather conditions can change quickly.

Application of Hemp oil

Hemp oil comes in diverse forms and it can be applied orally, topically.There are modern tools where the oil can be smoked through vaporization method. The vaporization application of hemp oil usually triggers a faster effect of the CBD components of the oi. The oral and topical methods of application can take between 30 and 60 minutes to take effect. Topically, the oil can be applied directly by pains and inflamed external parts of the body where the components can be absorbed through the skin, through a systemic circulation.

The health benefits of oil extracted from hem are quite too numerous to mention. It has been found to be beneficial in the treatment of Epilepsy, stress, and anxiety. It has also been found to be helpful in dealing with depression, Alzheimer’s disease, inflammatory disorders, and pains. On-going researches have also shown proof of beneficial effects of hemp oil in dealing with cancers.


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