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seller permits for cannabis club in california420 College Business Services

Medical Marijuana – Cannabis Business
& Vocational Industry Training

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private consultations how to start and run a successful collective for cannabis or medical marijuana1-On-1 Consultations
Private – Confidential – (California only)

personalized – private – geared towards your needs


confidential consultation for starting a medical marijuana collective, club or co-opConsultations are:

Personal, confidential, business consultation to explain ~ step by step ~ how to achieve your objectives, get your filings and documents in order and talk you through a plan, tailor-made, to help you achieve your goals.

business filing and document preparation for medical marijuana and cannabis business

Click here to enrollPrice: $500 (in person)



Want to Save $200?
ahhhhh…. YES! What Do I Do?

“GREEN BIZ Practices Can Begin With
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420 College "Green" Business Includes SKYPE!

Ask about a SKYPE Appointment –
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business filing and document preparation for medical marijuana and cannabis business


Call (323) 308-8803 to schedule.

Outline: Objectives of the Confidential Business Consultation


seller permits for cannabis club in california



Business Services

business filing and document preparation for medical marijuana and cannabis business

Incorporation of Non-Profit Mutual
Benefit Corporation – $2,500

  • Incorporation – Basic incorporation filings
  • Agent of Service
  • Real-Estate Location Assistance
  • Signage, Permits, Licenses, Other

Marketing and Promotions [ Request Enrollment ]

  • Directory listings on market vehicles in your area
  • Classifieds ad postings
  • Customized Business Forms, Cards, Letterhead
  • Advertising tips and best business practices
  • Website design and construction – basic to extreme – free consultation
  • Call (323) 308-8803 for more information

2 day live seminar for medical marijuana cannabis college classes - forms included2 Day Live Events

Meet industry professionals
– mingle with like-minded


college classes from 420 instructors how to grow, cultivate and operate a medical marijuana business in california

Medical Marijuana Business –
Register Here for
Live Seminar
Price: $250 per student

Intense 2 Day event will blow you away
with details – by Monday – you will be
ready to start your own club – forms
and a plan of action, in hand!

[ you must be 21 years old to attend | MMJ card NOT required for class ]

online video course for medical marijuana dispensary, delivery service, collective


Medical Marijuana
Program – California

“How To Start A Marijuana Business”

perfect to get started – online 24/7/365

Marijuana – Cannabis Start-Up

Basic Details Focused Upon the California Medical Marijuana Program MMPA and up-to-date Attorney General’s Guidelines for best business practices
Videos are available 24/7/365 So You Can Study and Begin, Step-By-Step – ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE – when ever you have the time. You have access for a whole year!
online video course for medical marijuana dispensary, delivery service, collective
Click here For More Information About The Video Course – $150
* $100 Discount for pre-registered seats has NO CASH Value (void where prohibited)
Discount is only VALID with PRINTED proof of purchase which is surrendered at registration.

how to start a cannabis collective


Get the video and run through it – at your OWN SPEED
THEN – if you want more help and the chance to meet others – come to a seminar – within 60 days of your purchase date – get to meet the staff and featured speakers; rub elbows with the “like-minded” – and we’ll give you $100 credit towards your 2 Day Event fee OR towards the cost of one of our 1-on-1 consultations, if that’s what you prefer!

seller permits for cannabis club in california

420 College Classes
Workshops | Consultations are
Personalized, Confidential,
Comprehensive, Complete


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