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Following the lead of Orlando and Winter Garden city commissions, Orange County commissioners voted Tuesday to impose a temporary moratorium on medicinal marijuana activities in the county’s unincorporated areas. The measure will expire May 23, 2017, or sooner if commissioners adopt new land rules to regulate the emerging medical marijuana industry. During the nine-month time-out, the county will not issue any development permits for medicinal pot operations. County planning staff will study the potential impact 
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PICO RIVERA >> A ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in the city will remain in place after City Council members Tuesday refused to move forward a proposal legalizing them. When it came down to a motion, no council member would make it, in effect killing the proposed ordinance. Councilmembers decided to keep their ban in place when city staff informed them a November statewide ballot measure to legalize the use of marijuana would still allow 
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SAN BERNARDINO >> Marijuana cultivation and sale will remain illegal in unincorporated areas of the county even if state voters approve recreational marijuana, the Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday. County staff wrote the updated ordinance so that a possible change in state law would not alter the prohibition on marijuana in unincorporated areas that’s been in force since 2011. That’s the oppositive of the approach taken in other cities, including San Bernardino, which put measures 
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A new interim zoning ordinance will put the kibosh on new medical marijuana businesses and restrict those already operating in Tulare County. Supervisors approved the ordinance, following a recommendation from county administrators and a lengthy presentation on Tuesday. The ordinance is set for 45 days, but it can be extended to 22 months, 15 days. The ordinance goes into effect immediately and, if it were to be extended, a public hearing would be needed. Previously, 
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Pursuant to the Americans With Disabilities Act (“ADA”) (42 U.S.C. Section 1201, et seq.) and California’s Civil Code Section 54 (the “DPA”), individuals with disabilities are entitled to “the same rights as the general public to the full and free use of the streets, highways, sidewalks, walkways, public buildings, medical facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and physicians’ offices, public facilities and other public places.” Both state and Federal courts have found that the ADA and the 
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SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — It’s been one week since Santa Cruz County launched an online cannabis registry and already some marijuana growers have issues with the process. An online registration process for cannabis cultivation is the first step. In another year, growers are required to apply for a cultivation license. So far, 31 accounts are open and packets have been downloaded but no one has completed the application process yet. Some cannabis cultivators KSBW spoke with 
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  From leaf blowers in Sonoma, to a cannabis tax in Cloverdale, to loosening up Healdsburg’s strict growth-control ordinance, to deciding among challengers and known incumbents, there is no shortage of local ballot issues for Sonoma County voters in November. In Cloverdale, voters will be asked whether to approve a tax of up to 10 percent on gross sales of marijuana businesses that could be allowed in the city in the future. With medical marijuana 
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UPLAND >> A proposal that will ban both medical and recreational marijuana-related activities in the city is going to the Planning Commission for review. After making numerous revisions to the ordinance, the commission will look at zoning and land issues. The council voted Aug. 8, 3-2, expedite to have a total ban in place before the November election — when voters across the state may approve the use of recreational marijuana. “If we don’t have 
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