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Cannabis Business Course in Fresno

October 23, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Do you want to know how to enter the cannabis industry and start a business in the Central Valley?



Get all knowledge and all the right tools in this 1 DAY cannabis business start-up seminar in Fresno.


War On DrugsOn October 23rd, 2021 – 420 College and America’s 1st and only Social Equity non-profit organization, Fresno Compassion Association dba The Fresno Originals, will be hosting a live cannabis business seminar and job training education in Fresno.  The seminar will go over all aspects of different cannabis businesses in California and how to get licensed.

Our hands on cannabis business start-up seminars are perfect way to get started!  You get an intense day of advanced information about how to start and operate any type of cannabis business.  After the event attendees may network and create new contact to help them further their career goals.


At 420 College – it all begins with helping YOU to understand what is proper, lawful and appropriate!

We focus on how and why you need to start up your cannabis business PROPERLY and LEGALLY, under the state and local regulation.  To this day, cannabis Dispensaries, co-ops, collectives, clubs and delivery services are SHUT DOWN every day because the groups operating them are doing business contrary to law.

If you are thinking about entering the cannabis industry or have made up your mind and are ready to start a cannabis business in California, our Cannabis Business Training 1 Day Seminars are for YOU!!!  420 College’s primary objective is to – first and foremost – provide the facts – period.

Here are the subjects that we will cover

  • How to start ANY type of cannabis business in California
    • What types of business permits and other business paper work will be needed
    • Local Ordinance issues and how to work with them
  • Different tax strategies and tax challenges
  • Banking solutions
  • How to choose the best locations
    • How to deal with landlords
  • Branding creation & strategies
    • Advertising strategies
  • Job types available in the cannabis industry
  • Preparing for job training for local cannabis businesses
  • Networking and much much more…….

Most ImportantlyResources Needed to Start and “Create new contacts & Network with others.”


Cannabis Business Seminar in Los AngelesThis is our signature event.  We have been holding these events for 12 years.  420 College training Events Give You a Chance to Reach Out and Meet Others like you who are just getting into the industry.

Don’t Know Anyone in the Community, Now?  You WILL After a 2 Day Event...GET ENROLLED TODAY, CLICK HERE!!!!

Find out how 420 College can help you in your business. Check out our Business Services.



Various Alumni Mixers And Resources: get off on the right foot – if it comes together – go out to lunch or make an effort to meet after class for time to meet and greet other seminar attendees.

Local MIXERS and other events are not always possible – take the time to exchange contact information with other attendees and make it a habit to visit each other, or keep in touch on Facebook!

Hang Out With Experts – Advice and instructions from seasoned veterans in the field with years; and most with generations; of knowledge and know-how.


Objective to Network During Event: to insure that students feel comfortable and confident before leaving the two day workshop, to assist one another finding people that have knowledge and resources to help you in your goal of working within the cannabis industry:



  • Valuable Experiences
  • New Friends
  • Industry Contacts
  • Step-By-Step Check List
  • FORMS to Take Home!

Future Support | Professional Business Services | Confidential Consultations.

Classes are forming now and they fill up fast. Reserve your seat today. (keep reading…)






If you hired an attorney from a “Cannabis Law Firm” for a consultation on Illinois dispensary laws, you could pay $450 per hour just for the consultation and you’re on your way with no additional help (unless you want to pay for it).  You could also go to other marijuana workshops and pay $300 for only a 1 day.

420 College workshops puts you in front of real attorneys who specialize in Florida’s marijuana laws in for at least 2 hours, also, you get to come back to all of our future seminars nationwide all for free!!!

Our attorneys, accountants and other professionals are teaching YOU information they would gladly charge you up to $350-$400 an hour privately like other attorneys do! Not to mention, all the extras that you’ll get such as cannabis testing lab presentation, contacts for real estate agents, insurance agents, and bankers. That’s just the 1st day of the seminar, on the 2nd day, you will get professional grower’s info on how to cultivate your own top grade cannabis, some cooking instructions, edibles and connecting you with people to help you along.

What – are we nuts? It only costs 10% of the fee an attorney would charge?  NO – we are COMPASSIONATE and We can provide this QUALITY OF PROFESSIONAL BY LEVERAGING THE GROUP DYNAMIC IN OUR 2 DAY LIVE SEMINARS.

We care that you have access to QUALITY – UP TO DATE – RELEVANT information so YOU CAN MAKE EDUCATED DECISIONS TO ENTER THIS INDUSTRY! When so many have the same questions – it just makes sense to hire the best and we can all benefit from the time spent exploring what we ALL need to know! [By-the-way | Southern Cannabis Institute allow offers private workshops and confidential 1-on-1 programs!]

One of the greatest asset of all, YOU NOW HAVE FRIENDS IN THE INDUSTRY – you can call us back with any and all questions that you have and we’ll be glad to assist you, as much as we can for further help. We know professionals that can help – and you’re going to love the fact, that we are steering you in the right direction!

This is a terrific opportunity for anyone who is interested in starting a legitimate business in the cannabis industry in Florida. Get over the scary questions – to find some reliable support and to make clear decisions.

Our course book with the valuable information is a great asset in helping you with continuing education. The course admission fee of $FREE, is all you need to be able to attend future seminars for a “refresher” – anytime – all throughout the year all for FREE!!!

The classes will be held at the cities indicated in the calendar. Class locations are available only to students who have filled out the enrollment form.
Classes are forming now and seats filling up fast, so go ahead and reserve your seat today.

You can enroll by filling out the enrollment link below or you can contact us here to have a customer service representative assist you if need help enrolling.



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