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We offer assistance for all types of cannabis businesses and cannabis business operators. Read below and choose the right cannabis business service, for you.

“Our clients are Medical and Recreational cannabis Dispensaries, Cultivation Operations, Distributors, Transporters, Micro Farmers and ancillary businesses that are the future of a responsible, well regulated cannabis industry.”


420 College™ provides the following services for the cannabis industry and those looking to enter the industry for the 1st time:

  • Consultations on cannabis business licensing
  • Government Education
  • Corporate formation
  • Document preparation for cannabis business licensing
  • Complete assistance with city or county licensing
  • Preparation of Operating Procedures
  • Identifying proper zoning
  • Landlord education
  • Employee training & job placement
  • Product labeling
  • Packaging & handling of food items
  • Branding and intellectual property protections, trademarking
  • Commercial licensing agreements
  • Business contracts & much more…

Cannabis Business Permit Application Preparation


marijuana business incorporation

Our cannabis business license application preparation services, offer peace of mind in knowing that you have all the specific documentation prepared on your behalf at an affordable price by professionals that will give you the best chance to get your application approved

This is what you will get from 420 College™:

  • Corporate formation
  • City/county ordinance research
  • Complete cannabis business permit application preparation 
  • Assistance through all the phases of local level licensing process
  • FREE continued help to point you in the right direction.
  • Click here for more information and Call us today – (855) 420-8255.


Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation DepartmentOperating Procedure Package for City & County Cannabis license applicants

The creation of a new industry has started in California encompassing thousands of jobs and business opportunities.

420 College™ has created its very own Operating Procedure Package for your cannabis business permit application with your needs in mind, click here to read more.


Cannabis Cultivation Waste Discharge Regulatory ProgramWelcome to the State Water Resources Control Board - North Coast

If you are a farmer or plan on applying for a cannabis cultivation licence in your city or county, 420 College™ is working closely with California Water Quality Control Board on the state’s Cannabis Cultivation Waste Discharge Regulatory Program.

We are assisting cannabis business applicants apply for and comply with the program.  Contact us today at (855) 420-8255 to get enrolled.

marijuana business seminars

 Cannabis Business Courses, Seminars & Workshops – 2 Day Events

Meet industry professionals,
Mingle with the like-minded & Network with others

2 day live seminar for medical marijuana cannabis college classes - forms included

Cannabis Business Seminars – Read more about our Live Seminar

Price: $350 per person

This intense 2 Day event will blow you away with details – by Monday – you will be ready to start your own club – forms and a plan of action, in hand!

[ you must be 21 years old to attend | MMJ card NOT required for class ]

1-On-1 Consultations
Private and Confidential – (California only)

Consultations are:


confidential consultation for starting a medical marijuana collective

Private, personalized – geared towards your needs | we will explain ~ step by step ~ how to achieve your objectives, get your filings and documents in order and talk you through a plan, tailor-made, to your business model to help you achieve your goals.

Click Here for Info and Options and to
schedule  a Consultation

business filing and document preparation for medical marijuana and cannabis business

Call us today to get started: 855-420-8255(TALK)

Price: $500 (per person)

420 College "Green" Business Includes SKYPE!

Want to Save $200?

“GREEN BIZ” Practices

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Ask about a SKYPE Appointment –
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Consultations Are
Only $300 when you SKYPE with
420 College BizServices Team!

business filing and document preparation for medical marijuana and cannabis business

Call (855) 420-8255 to schedule.

Outline: Objectives of the Confidential Business Consultation

how to start a cannabis collective


Get the video course or the eBook and run through it – at your OWN SPEED.

THEN – if you want more help and the chance to meet others – come to a seminar and meet the staff and featured speakers; rub elbows with the “like-minded” – and we’ll give you $100 credit towards your 2 Day Event fee OR towards the cost of one of our 1-on-1 consultations, if that’s what you prefer!

420 College™ Classes
Workshops | Consultations are
Personalized, Confidential,
Comprehensive, Complete


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