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Cannabis Branding & Marketing


George Boyadjian


Branding & Marketing branding and marketing for cannabis

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CBD & THC Cannabis Branding & Marketing

What’s included in the CBD & THC cannabis Branding & Marketing Program?

  These certification courses, can be online and in person. This course covers, branding and marketing for cannabis businesses. You will get a comprehensive course on how the major brands get started and how to create your business brand.  Our expert branding specialist will guide you through the difficult cannabis marketing atmosphere. This program prepares students with the skills and knowledge needed for successful careers in today’s cannabis business. This is an excellent option for those already working in a CBD or THC cannabis business and who want to advance in their careers. Here's what you can expect to learn:
  • Breakdown of Online Marketing for cannabis
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click advertising for cannabis
  • Website & ecommerce
  • How to avoid pitfalls
  • Use all the tools and eBooks in our arsenal
  • 24/7/365 access to our CBD business training center
  • Continuing education, get all updated materials as we post
  • Live & email support to help you along

Our Main Teachers

George Boyadjian

CEO of 420 College

George Boyadjian is the sole owner and operator of 420 College located in Fresno, California. Since March of 2009, he has provided existing and future cannabis business owners and entrepreneurs with quality cannabis business training through seminars, courses, workshops, conferences and classes all over California, Oregon, Washington, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Washington D.C, and Ohio.

Price : 100 $

Max Availability : 1000

Difficulty : Branding & Marketing cannabis branding

Location : Online

Typology : Branding & marketing