Welcome! I am Dr Jessica Jameson. I am a board certified Interventional Pain Physician and a United States Air Force Veteran. The past decade of my life has been spent treating pain patients in my practice as well as traveling and speaking all over the country about pain and the treatment modalities available. Many treatments are effective and helpful, and my patients improve. However, there are times when either the therapy is ineffective or there are unwanted side effects. The desire to have an effect on not only pain but other chronic conditions that my patients suffer from led me on a search for more holistic solutions.

Research is an important part of my profession. I have a robust research department within my current practice that allows us to examine numerous therapies and the effects they have on various conditions. Through my research, I found that there are real benefits of compounds like CBD (cannabidiol). Over the years patients began approaching me to discuss CBD and other natural supplements and I learned firsthand the confusion that surrounds these supplements. Patients were confused about what the product was and dosing and how to obtain it safely. In an effort to eliminate this confusion, it became important to me to offer my own product that I knew would be safe and effective. ReposeRx products are third party verified so that you can be assured of what is in each bottle. In addition, as a Veteran it was imperative that my product be made in the United States of America.

It is my passion to educate the public about the benefits of CBD and other natural supplements that have the ability to improve lives and promote longevity. I am glad you are here and excited to help you live the life you imagine!

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil 2000mg

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